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First turbine of Goldwind Excelsior wind farm connected to grid

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On August 21, 2020, the first wind turbine of Goldwind Excelsior Wind Farm was successfully connected to the grid. Excelsior Wind Farm is located in Western Cape, the southernmost point of the African continent.

With Goldwind as EPC contractor, this project is the second one of Goldwind in Africa and the first in South Africa. The Excelsior Wind Farm will continuously deliver green and clean energy to South African grid in the future.

This project is a wind power project in the Renewable Energy Independent Power Produce Program (REIPPPP) of the South African Government, with a design capacity of 32.5MW, using 13 suits of Goldwind 2.5MW PMDD smart wind turbines.

Goldwind Africa, a subsidiary of Goldwind, is responsible for the overall engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of the project. The wind farm is constructed by Goldwind’s local partners in South Africa.

The project creates a large number of job opportunities for local community, and makes contributions to development of local business and living environment.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 this year, many countries have been deeply affected. South Africa is among the hardest hit. To guarantee local economic development and livelihood, the Government has gradually liberalized its economic restrictions and control levels under pressure.

While working with the local government and people to fight against the pandemic, Goldwind Excelsior wind farm Project team has also overcome many difficulties. With fully carrying out epidemic prevention, they actively organized communications with local grid, and successfully achieved grid connection on time.

The Excelsior Project is located near Swallendam, a very famous ancient town in Western Cape of South Africa, with long history and beautiful scenery. Goldwind’s wind turbines, as a represent of modern technology, standing together with the history, culture and natural landscape, become a unique local scenery.

Meanwhile, Golden Valley, the second EPC project of Goldwind in South Africa, is also under construction smoothly now, and is planned to connect to local grid in February 2021.

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