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Top construction brands for the successful contractor

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Pprofessionals in the construction industry know that material is a major factor in creating a sustainable building. The choice of building materials also helps in getting proposals approved by clients.

Depending on the type of project at hand, a knowledgeable and skilled contractor should know what are the construction material brands to rely on.

How to find the right building material?

When shopping for building materials, researching reliable brands that supply in your area can save time. Make a shortlist of the ideal companies to work with. In doing so, consider the quality, affordability, and availability of the materials you are looking for.

To help you with your decision-making, below is the list of top building brands to check out.


This American company manufactures and distributes hand-held products targeted at the construction, plumbing, and HVAC trades. They invented the popular modern pipe wrench in 1923 and now manufactures over 300 types of tools.

The company has training centers that help their customers learn more about the use and benefits of their products. They have expert instructors to handle custom, hands-on training.


Founded as a motor sales and repair company in 1915, Makita becomes today’s top supplier of power tools. Based in Japan, it also operates in China, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Romania, the United Kingdom, Rwanda, Dubai, and the United States. The company released its first power tool in 1958, a portable electric planer.

Makita’s power tools are beneficial to all types of customers engaged in building construction. The brand has been continuously innovative, manufacturing cordless power tools as early as the 1970s. It also has an impressive warranty program.


Manufacturing both hand and power tools, DeWalt is a highly known American brand which is founded by Ramond DeWalt in Pennsylvania in the year 1924. In 1992, the company first introduced its first line of portable electric power tools and accessories manufactured and designed purposely for contractors, remodelers, and woodworkers. Its release of cordless tools was in the 1990s which was a great success for the brand.

The brand patronizers rely on DeWalt on quality, with price points that range from mid to high. Like Makita, this building brand never fails its customers when it comes to the warranty program they offer. Today, the brand already has over 200 power tools and over 800 accessories.


Bosch is a multinational engineering and technology company originally from Germany. Its founder is Robert Bosch who started off performing all mechanical and electrical engineering work requested by his clients such as telephone systems and electric bells installations.

Bosch power tools are engineered for quality and excellence. Their tools feature impressive quality and state-of-the-art technology, ideal for use in professional and DIY construction works.


Milwaukee tools prove to be outstanding in durability and performance. Founded in 1924, the company continuously provides innovative, trade-specific solutions to all its clients. Milwaukee products include power tools, outdoor equipment, batteries and chargers, site lighting, instruments, hand tools, storage, work gear, and many more.

The brand achieved a major step forward in the industry when they invented the technology that paved the way to the popular use of lithium-ion in power tools.


A German company that manufactures chainsaws and other hand-held tools such as trimmers and blowers. Stihl is headquartered in Waiblingen, Baden-Württemberg, near Stuttgart, Germany. The brand was founded by Andreas Stihl who is an innovator in early chainsaw production.

STIHL aims to continuously improve its products for optimum quality chemically, mechanically and practically for outstanding results that would benefit people and the environment.


Best known for producing Vice-grip locking pliers, Irwin Industrial Tools is a known American company in the building industry that manufactures and distributes hand tools and power tool accessories. The company was founded in 1885 by Charles Irwin in Martinsville, Ohio, United States.

The brand is a known producer of building tools such as chisels, blades, clamps, drill bits, hammers, handsaws and many more. They aim to provide superior performance and durability in every product they market.


Albert J. Dremel started the Dremel Manufacturing Company in Racine, Wisconsin in 1932. Its first product was an electric razor blade sharpener and a money saver. The brand becomes highly known when it released its second product which is a handheld, high-speed tool called the Moto-Tool.

Dremel tools are used both by professionals and amateurs in new building constructions and renovations.

 Quality tools for quality installs

 If you are a drywall contractor looking for a power tool to use for your project, consider getting the advice of product experts before buying a tool. Your access panels can only stay durable and functional for years if installed properly using the right tools. Don’t compromise your project results, always go for optimum product performance.


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