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Top Building Brands for the Builder

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Any contractor knows that a job can’t be done without the proper tools – one way to help is the brands of these tools. A seasoned contractor knows that some brands are meant for heavy-duty building, while some are great for those do-it-yourself projects and homeowners who look to take it upon themselves to install and take on projects around the home.

We share the five brands that contractors are familiar with but are also more likely to have in their toolkit. Just as the access panels and accessories that you need are to be should be of quality, we share the best of the best that won’t disappoint, but that won’t also break the bank.


A popular and well-known American brand that is known for manufacturing both power and hand tools is DeWalt. DeWalt can be found on both construction and woodworking sites. Contractors can rely on a DeWalt product for its quality, and as an all-American brand that suits all price points, contractors know what they are investing in quality.

With price points ranging from mid to high, DeWalt has something for all contractors, whether they have been in the industry for years or if they are just starting off and looking to get a handle on their competitors.


A Japanese manufacturer that has operations everywhere from Brazil to UK and Canada. The Makita brand gained popularity in 1960 when it released the first rechargeable power tool. Since then, Makita has continued to create multiple rechargeable power tools that allow both homeowners and contractors to afford them.

Not to mention there is a great convenience in having a rechargeable tool, it provides for the ability to work without having to worry about wires and cords. Makita has shown itself to be a brand that contractors looking to do basic and small jobs can rely on. It is also a much more affordable brand in comparison to some brands such as DeWalt.


For contractors who specialize more in plumbing or work in HVAC, Ridgid is one brand they may be familiar with. This American brand creates tools that have become synonymous with the red handled pipe wrench and its name embossed on it. Unlike some of its competitors, Ridgid, specializes in handheld tools rather than power tools.


An American brand that contractors know and can trust is Lenox. Lenox has been manufacturing power and hand-held tools since the early 1900s. Lenox has been known to create quality tools that allow for quality craftsmanship and work to be done.

Whether it is sanding or drilling, Lenox creates tools that promote efficiency. Recently, Lenox joined forces with Stanley Black and Decker to collaborate on a line of devices. One product that contractors and builders often associate with Lenox are industrial saw blades which is why woodworkers often turn to Lenox products.


Originally from Germany, they manufacture power tools as well as automotive parts. Bosch has also been known to shares it is brand to appliances and electronics as well.

They are a highly reputable brand that contractors can trust and rely on, especially when it comes to their line of power tools. Some of the products often combine innovation and quality, while seeking how to create trust tools that contractors both residential and commercial and rely on.

Quality Through Branding

Whether you are a seasoned contractor or looking for a power tool to help you with an install, whatever it is, always consider the types of tools you have and the brand. Reliability and functionality are one thing, but reputation is essential as they will demonstrate the tools ability to perform and compete in comparison to other tools.


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