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NCA now seeks powers to arrest, prosecute

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The Kenya National Construction Authority (NCA) now wants powers to arrest and prosecute owners of building that are deemed risky and in danger of collapsing, executive director Daniel Manduku has said.
“We want to change the laws so that we can get power to enforce the Act without necessarily relying on other agencies. We can have policemen attached to NCA and also lawyers that can prosecute in a court of law,” said Mr Manduku when NCA received ISO certification from the Kenya Bureau of Standards.
Mr Manduku, disclosed that NCA had embarked on the law review process jointly with the Parliamentary Committee on Transport, Public Works and Housing before the house adjourned for the General Election.
Cases of collapse of building in Kenya have increased of late with such incidences claiming the lives of construction workers and occupants.

National Construction Authority also wants increased oversight on all players in the building industry. Manduku said the industry involves numerous entities regulated by different laws.

These include property developers, architects, contractors, environmental management bodies and county governments


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