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Top 6 truck maintenance tips for optimum performance

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Proper vehicle maintenance is one of the things that keep cars and pickup trucks running as efficiently as possible. The more efficient they are, the better they will perform for your business.

Whether you’re engaged in logistics or any other business, you must remember that your vehicles will provide you with several advantages that you need to be aware of and ready to tap into.

Regular maintenance checkups should always be on the calendar for your vehicles. These shouldn’t be neglected or skipped because they will severely affect your vehicle’s performance and longevity. You wouldn’t want them to break down on the road and cause significant problems for you and your clientele.

Here are some maintenance tips for your trucks.

  1. Keep them clean and sharp

Remember that your trucks serve as free advertising for your business. Make them look as sharp and clean as possible whenever they go out. Make people’s heads turn by outfitting them with a smooth or textured bedliner and other accessories. It will not only increase the aesthetics but will also add functionality. People will associate your business with efficiency, which would help drum up more business.

  1. Log in trip details religiously

One of the best ways to track your vehicle’s performance is to log the trip’s details accurately. For example, have your drivers note the mileage and duration of the trip so you can improve internal efficiency. In addition, the better you track your vehicle’s performance, the less chance they’ll break down because you’ll know when to schedule them for maintenance servicing.

  1. Perform pre-trip and post-trip inspections

Another way to prevent hiccups for your business is to conduct pre-trip and post-trip inspections. Your driver must complete an extensive checklist for your vehicle before leaving the garage and another one after he arrives from the trip. It may seem like a lot of paperwork, but it’s the way to go if you wish to prevent problems.

  1. Monitor fluid levels

Your vehicles need a lot of fluids to run efficiently. Always have your personnel check the oil, brake fluid, anti-freeze, wiper fluid, and fuel levels to ensure they’re at the proper levels. Several problems arise whenever these fluids get neglected as they are essential for your engine’s performance and longevity.

  1. Check your tires 

Your tires are critical components of your vehicles. They carry the weight of your vehicles and cargo, so they must always be pumped with the right amount of air. Always check the tread life to ensure that there’s balanced wear and tear and that they would continue to be appropriately aligned. During preventive maintenance, have the mechanics conduct different tests to ensure that your tires are still in adequate condition.

  1. Replace air filters

Most motors rely on proper air intake to burn fuel. Ensure that your vehicles have clean air filters to burn fuel efficiently. Replace them as needed and keep your motors running correctly longer.

Wrap up

Proper and regular maintenance is one of the things that will keep your trucks running efficiently. Ensure that you have sound policies in place for better performance.

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