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5 types of heavy equipment every contractor needs

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There are numerous distinct types of heavy equipment used in construction today. Each equipment has its own set of uses and work.

As you assess the types of projects your company is taking on, you may decide it’s time to add to your fleet.

While some pieces of equipment function on one specific purpose, others are different — for example, if you’re looking for heavy machinery that can help you move soil or carry materials, you have a few different options.

We have some of the mainly used construction equipment for you in this article that can help you clarify the piece of equipment that will work best for you and your business.

Use of Cranes

A crane is a machine used for a mechanical advantage that helps lift a heavy load of materials. Hence, cranes are commonly found in any industry’s construction area to load and unload heavy material.

They exist in many varieties and sizes; each has its use and specifications. One example is a tower crane that can be seen as a fixed mechanism used for carrying construction material. In conclusion, this kind of equipment can easily lift heavy substances like concrete blocks, frames, steel, and other objects.

Work of Bulldozers

A dozer is another type of Material Handling machine with a large metal blade in the front, and it is used to push massive quantities of soil from the upper surface till how deep you want to remove.

There are commonly two different types of dozers used in the construction: track and wheel dozers. Both provide the same job, but the way they operate is different.

Articulated Dump Trucks

You can say this is the most common type used on the construction to carry large quantities of material from one place to another and dump it in the yard. If your next construction or mining project requires loose material transportation, chances are you’re going to need a dump truck.

Articulated dump trucks are large, and heavy-duty dump trucks used off-road to transport bulk loads across rough grounds.

Pavers Used On Roads

If you need equipment to lay asphalt on roads, bridges, highways, parking lots, or other surfaces, the type of heavy construction machinery you’re looking for is a paver or asphalt paver.

This equipment consists of a bucket in which asphalt is loaded by the dump trucks, and the paver’s work is to distribute it on the roads evenly. However, it would be best to have a roller to even the streets after the asphalt is layered.


When you’re working on projects that need clearing of forested land, skidders are used to wrench trees that have been cut down out of the woods and into the land area.

There are essentially two types of skidders: grapple and cable. Where a grapple resembles a claw, grabbing the trees and pulling them that way. But the cable skidders are the classic models used to pull the trees with a cable attached to them.

Which One Suits Your Work?

As you can see, there is a sum of heavy building equipment options to help you get the job done. It’s essential to choose the right machine of equipment for the job to maximize productivity and cost-effectiveness.

And it’s up to you to finalize how easily and efficiently your work can be done by the proper and the right use of machinery.

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