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Installation of water meters: Instructions and Guidelines

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Installation of water meters should be carried out professionally according to the installation instructions provided by the specific manufacturer. Additionally, the following recommendations should be followed:

Install meters horizontally at the designated location, with the arrow (typically shown on
the lower case) facing towards the direction of the flow of meter. The meter shall be
installed in a 90° angle to the meter flow and with the indication device facing upwards.

Installation of water meters

Step By Step guide to installation of water meters

After tapping a connection from a pipeline flush the laid pipes thoroughly before
installing up a meter

  1. Test the meter before installing it
  2. Install a meter in a way that the flow of water flows in full bore in the meter
  3. Install meter to the pipeline ensuring that the arrow on the meter body coincides with
    the direction of water flow
  4. Meter diameter and the pipe diameter that the meter will be installed should be of the
    same diameter
  5. Threaded meters must be installed using their meter liners/ connectors but not direct
    to a pipe fitting
  6. Locations which are subjected to severe shocks or hammer should be avoided
  7. For consumer meter installations, use a stop cock and where gate valve is used
    incorporate a non return valve to protect the meter from reversing when rationing or
    empting the pipeline. This is because all meters are not manufactured with in-build non
    retune valves
  8. Where water is not free from debris strainer should be installed upstream of the meter
    to protect it at all times
  9. Avoid coupling a meter direct to sluice valve, Provide a straight pipe length equivalent
    to 10 times the diameter of the meter up and down stream to the meter
  10. Meter should not operate with a free discharge, there should always be some
    downstream resistance
  11. Flanged meter when making a gasket to couple it to a flange make sure internal
    diameter is precise to the meter internal diameter
  12. Install a meter above the ground level to avoid it from being buried
  13. Protect the meter by covering it from direct rays

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