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Quest Works Building Economists: A quantity surveying firm with a difference

Utilising experienced staff and in-house capabilities to offer a reasonably priced tailored service, Quest Works Building Economists is fast becoming a preferred quantity surveying firm of choice.

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Since its inception in 2014, quantity surveying consultancy firm Questworks Building Economists (QUBE) has continued to offer top not services while adhering to ethics and principles aimed at breathing a new life to consultancy in Kenya.

The firm’s unrivaled experience level coupled with a portfolio of large scale projects underscores its capabilities. Specifically, the company has embraced innovation in its quest to offer excellent services in the construction industry.

As director Luke Ombati explains, Questworks Building Economists continue to constantly adopt new and emerging trends in the industry to keep abreast of the latest development in the field.

“It is a changing environment. We seek to embrace emerging trends such as sustainable construction, more value for the client and play a bigger role in managing the property lifecycle,” shares Ombati.


The quantity surveying arm of Questworks Limited, QUBE has remained true to its area of specialization with several projects under its belt. Among its growing portfolio is the construction of luxury apartments along Hendred Road, Valley Arcade in Nairobi. Additionally, the firm has also been involved in the construction of Strathmore Law School. The firm was also involved in the renovation of Cavendish University in Zambia.

Apart from being able to deliver residential and institutional projects, Questworks Building Economists has also amassed considerable experience when it comes to retail and other commercial projects. For instance, the quantity surveying firm has completed a mall in Nyali in Mombasa County as well a commercial complex along Ngong Road in Nairobi whose construction is ongoing.

“We have created a name for being able to deliver bespoke residential and commercial projects. However, we are now training our sight on the hospitality sector,” reveals Mr Ombati.


By focusing on the high quality of its services and delivery model, Questworks Building Economists is now in the best position ever to develop a leading reputation in the field. According to Mr Ombati, Improvement and innovation is what makes them tick.

“Every day we listen and look around to see what could be faster or better. Sometimes it is just about making a small step, which saves us a couple of seconds of time. We have also adopted the use of best-in-breed technology system to stay ahead in the market,” he asserts.

The ambition of Questworks Building Economists would appear to be well founded, with the residential and commercial market within Nairobi and Kisumu currently looking extremely robust. This offers the company a golden opportunity to make the most of the coming years to capitalise on its recent investments and change in focus to revolutionise the way in which buildings are constructed at a cost effective way.

“The housing market in Kenya is booming at present, so we do have a promising forecast 2018 and beyond. Our challenge will be to get highly trained manpower of at least 200 registered quantity surveyors who will assist us in keeping up the high standards of our service offering,” Ombati quips.

We have created a name for being able to deliver bespoke residential and commercial projects. However, we are now training our sight on the hospitality sector.

Aware of the role in-house staff can play to boost the firm’s capabilities in offering high quality service, Questworks Building Economists firm has a rigorous and strict process of recruiting new staff and interns. For example, they accept applications from top performers at university level. In fact, one of the interns at the firm was top in Kiambu county.

Yet the greatest challenge that faces Questworks Building Economists going into the future is the perception by some developers who think that they do not need the services of a quantity surveyor.  Mr Ombati equates not seeking the services of QS as groping in the dark.

Counting the cost

“As the Bible says in Luke 14:28, how can you construct a house without first estimating the cost? You may end up not finishing up a project,” he says adding that failure to use QS is what has contributed to housing projects taking longer time to complete or stall.

Luke Ombati

However, he notes, for large and complex projects, one cannot do without QS. QS normally will provide relevant costs and contractual advice at various stages of the project to ensure its successful completion within the set time, budget and required specifications.

Regarding the performance of quantity surveying as a profession in the country Mr Ombati says that with booming construction activities in the country, there is work for everyone. Demand for quantity surveyors continue to be on the rise especially considering that only a handful of students graduate every year from Kenyan universities.

Questworks Building Economists will also have to contend with known firms that have been operating for many years and are therefore considered experienced. “We are pretty young firm compared to other QS companies that have been in the country for decades. However, we bank in our mother company Questworks Limited to have a competitive edge when sourcing for jobs,” he offers.

“We are committed to building a company that is strong enough to withstand these challenges, while always operating in a safe and professional manner,” concludes Mr Ombati who has a surprise word for the profession in Kiswahili-Mkadiriaji Majenzi!


Questworks Limited is an Integrated Design, Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) firm focused on turn-key delivery of construction and renewable energy projects.

The firm spun-off from Strathmore University in 2012 and is now home to over 100 engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, risk analysts and construction technicians, making Questworks a one-of-a-kind Partner for regional developers.

The Company’s projects have won prestigious awards such as the Best Green Building in Africa Award, the Presidential Green Building Award and Private Energy Award for the region’s largest roof-top solarsystem.

Questworks serves key players in Kenya such as Siginon Group, Hass Consult, Dyer & Blair and Strathmore University among others.




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