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All welcome aboard the smart meter revolution

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Ontec Systems has collaborated with its customers to develop systems and metering technologies to meet the needs of large utilities, municipal environments, and private sector companies.

The technology company is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions in the electricity, gas and water sectors. At Ontec we are committed to creating a smarter future for all. Join us at www.ontec.co.za / gaugeit.ontec.co.za

Post 1990, the humble prepaid electricity meter from Ontec (Previously Itron Metering South Africa) was one of the key enablers to the South African government almost doubling the number of users connected to the national grid.

Ontec Systems played an integral role in this development and expansion of prepayment in South Africa and Africa through its dedicated leadership and community integration over the years.

Having developed smart systems and solutions, the technology has enabled a secure, convenient and reliable supply of power for utilities and their end consumers. As the energy market transitions to smarter models, including smart electricity and water meters, companies can take advantage of Ontec Systems Prepayment holistic customer service offerings.

Since access to vending points is often limiting to consumers due to far and costly commutes, Ontec Systems has taken prepayment digital and pioneered online vending for easier access and more efficient use of the consumer’s time, revolutionising the prepayment model.

This service offering extends to the water sector where the Internet of Things (IoT) enables municipalities, companies, facility managers, body corporates and even individual consumers to monitor their water consumption and detect leaks before they result in high bills.

The most recent launch of GaugeIT, provides end users with the ability to monitor both their water and electricity consumption in near real-time directly on their cell phones via an “Ontec Home” application. Through our solutions offering, we help utilities measure, monitor and manage our most precious resources for a smarter future.

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