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Ghana mulls National Building Code to check construction industry

The code will help ensure that there is adequate protection, public health and safety in the building and construction industry.

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Ghana plans to come up with a national building code to regulate the construction industry,  Prof. Alex Dodoo Director-General of Ghana Standards Authority(GSA) has said.

The code will provide construction professionals, developers and investors with common standards for public health, safety, fire protection, structural efficiency and environmental integrity.

The national building code will also set standards on the quality and durability of construction materials.

The initiative is being supported by the International Finance Corporation(IFC) of the World Bank and funded by the Swiss Government.

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Prof. Dodoo said that the code would focus on  Building construction, fire protection, plumbing works, electrical works and mechanical system in building construction.

“The code must protect the public from fire outbreak, structural collapse and general deterioration in our homes, offices, schools, manufacturing facilities, stores and places of entertainment,” he said.

The initiative to come up with a national building code in Ghana is part of the country’s efforts to undertake a number of policy reforms and projects to ensure sustainable development of the construction industry.

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