The ultimate guide to registering as contractor in Kenya

The ultimate guide to registering as contractor in Kenya

For you to work as a contractor in Kenya, it is imperative that you register with National Construction Authority(NCA).

It is illegal under the Kenyan laws to operate as a contractor without NCA certification. Here is the ultimate guide to registering as a contractor in Kenya:


  • Academic certificates and testimonials for the technically qualified directors
  • CR 12
  • Certified copy of current business license
  • If applying for electrical engineering attach a certificate from Energy Regulatory Commission
  • Copy of company registration certificate-Certificate of Registration/Certificate of Incorporation
  • 3 years audited account and other relevant financial information
  • Certified copies proving ownership of assets
  • KRA tax compliance certificate
  • Contractors Association membership certificate

Procedure of registering as a contractor in Kenya

Step 1: Log on to Next, click on the contractors tab then click register to be a contractor this will take you to the registration portal.

Step2:Click on register and register an account by filling in the requested information in each field. Log into your account with the National ID/passport number and password used during the registration process.

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Step 3: Click on the new application tab then click on new contractor registration. Click to view registration requirements and submit the listed documentation.

Step 4:After submission of the online registration application, an invoice will be sent to your email address used during registration with the amount to be paid and mode of payment. You will then receive a text message notifying you of the sent invoice and this will be sent via the phone number used during registration.In your account you will be required to key in the bank slip transaction number or the *M-Pesa transaction number after payment.

*Mpesa is mobile money transfer platform commonly used in Kenya.