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Shell South Africa launches Dynaflex technology on fuel

Designed for performance, Shell’s fuels are formulated to help keep engines clean and protected for efficient running

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Shell South Africa has announced the launch of its next generation of advanced fuel formulations enhanced with DYNAFLEX Technology. The DYNAFLEX technology also includes a new additive for Shell V-Power 50ppm.

“At Shell, we believe that it’s not where you go, it’s how you go that matters,” said Yaasier Abrahams, Retail Marketing Manager, Shell South Africa. “We developed this technology with customers at the centre.

We know that our customers are going places, and whether they need to fill their vehicles or their tummies, we need to provide the solutions to make their journeys better.”

Available in all of Shell’s fuel offerings, DYNAFLEX technology is the next evolution of petrol and diesel fuels. It’s a complex blend with powerful cleaning agents to enhance performance and protect from deposits to maintain engine efficiency.

For diesel customers, Shell has developed a unique DYNAFLEX formulation, containing new dual-detergent molecules for a clean and efficient engine. This means diesel engines old or new can benefit as the fuel helps clean up engines even after just one tank and keeps it clean. Shell Diesel Extra also enables increased torque and load-pulling power.

Ultimately, this fuel is designed to help customers get more out of their engines and lower operating costs.

“Our commercial customers will experience major benefits with this new fuel formulation,” said Ashley Abrahams, National Sales Manager, Commercial Fuels, Shell South Africa.

“Designed for increased efficiency, our customers will enjoy better performance, improved operating costs, and maximising return on fleet investment. In fact, our Shell Diesel Extra with DYNAFLEX Technology can save customers up to 3% on fuel costs.”

The new formulations were developed in-part to keep pace with evolving engine technology. Shell has more than 100 years of fuel innovation heritage, powered by its long-standing technical partnership with Ferrari dating back to the 1940’s. Shell V-Power petrol is the only fuel co-engineered with and recommended by Ferrari. With thousands of hours of research and testing, this is the fuel with the best track record. The fuel that powers Scuderia Ferrari on the racetrack contains 99% of the same components as Shell V-Power petrol.

Shell V-Power also comes recommended by BMW M, a relationship that spans into DTM Motorsport, a further testimony of Shell V-Power’s performance on testing grounds with higher stress levels than a normal road car.

For nearly half a century, BMW M has been building world-class cars by merging engineering with cutting edge technologies, aligning well with Shell’s heritage of innovation in fuels.

This is why Shell V-Power with DYNAFLEX Technology, designed for the best cleaning and protection formulation, is our best performance fuel and the fuel with the best track record.

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