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Miradi Consultants: Counting the cost

Since its formation in 1995, Miradi Consultants continues to lead the way in the quantity surveying field while putting clients at the core of their business

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Inspired by a robust entrepreneurial spirit and a results-orientated culture Miradi Consultants has grown from strength to strength over the last decade to its current stature.

Growing from a simple consultancy firm over the course of the first decade of business, Miradi Consultants quickly progressed into a substantial diversified business looking to take advantage of Kenya’s booming construction industry particularly in commercial, residential and hospitality sectors.

QS Alfred Aluvaala has been the principal quantity surveyor at the firm and says that quantity surveyors play a major role in the construction industry and that anyone ignoring their services is likely to face a myriad of challenges.

“It is like groping in the dark says Aluvaala. “Quantity surveyors perform several tasks on behalf of a client to help him make better choices.”

One of the most important tasks that quantity surveyors do is ascertain the probable cost of a project as well as advice developers on the best contractors to work with. Quantity surveyors also advice on the type of contract a developer should enter with a contractor.

“In a nutshell our job entails supervision of a project from initial stage to completion. At the completion of a project we give a client a document called final account. This document is similar to the bill of quantities however it is more detailed,” explains Aluvaala adding that they also undertake forensic audits and feasibility studies on projects.

Leveraging its decades of experience, Miradi Consultants continue to deliver bespoke projects with clients at the core of their business. Some of the projects under their belt include The Kenya National Library in Nakuru,Residential apartments in Ruaka and the Africa Evangelical Centre for Africa Evangelical Association. Miradi consultants has also worked on a number of projects for banks for instance Kenya Commercial Bank,Barclays Bank Central Bank and co-0perative Bank. The QS firm has also worked with churches and a number individual projects.

In a nutshell our job entails supervision of a project from initial stage to completion. At the completion of a project we give a client a document called final account. This document is similar to the bill of quantities however it is more detailed

Yet, the Company’s market advantage and differentiators derive from far more than simply volume.

“I think it comes down to a number of things,” says Aluvaala. “Foremost our clients, the relationships we have with them, and our understanding of them; knowledge built up in our business over the years; and the way we harness and manage that knowledge to their best advantage.“Secondly, we are very focused on what we know we do well.  This is also aided by our independence and our partnership model. It is the people in the business who own it, so we’re not making decisions to keep shareholders happy at the expense of our clients.

“We have also adopted the use of best-in-breed technology system and up to date trainings to stay ahead in the market,” he asserts. Again people are able to identify with us considering that our name-Miradi-is a Swahili name for projects.

“The final facet is quality. The reason why we have so much repeat business and so many strong client relationships is that we are noted for the quality and consistency we deliver.”

By focusing on the high quality of its services and delivery model, Miradi Consultants is now in the best position ever to develop a leading reputation in the field. According to Aluvaala, improvement and innovation is what makes them tick. “Every day we listen and look around to see what could be faster or better. Sometimes it is just about making a small step, which saves us a couple of seconds of time.”

Yet the quantity surveying isn’t devoid of challenges. Sometimes clients think that the cost given is exaggerated while others opt to ignore the services of QS.

While the construction industry has been booming for a couple of years, presently few mega projects are being commissions and these means that as quantity surveyors we have few jobs.

“We see huge opportunity and potential in Kenya and are excited about what we will see over the next five years. We understand the market trends having been in operation for 22 years now. Markets will rise and fall but we are here to stay.”

Our experience and able staff continue to give us competitive edge when sourcing for jobs. So we will be seeking to leverage this. Regarding projects, we will definitely going for bigger projects but that does not mean that we will ignore small projects as these are vital to keep our business afloat. We will also be banking on our ethics and virtues to thrive.” Aluvaala ends.


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