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How to launch your real estate career

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If you’re someone who thrives on taking charge and making things happen, if you’re driven by the opportunity to write your own salary cheque, then the world of real estate is your perfect fit.

Imagine a career where your hard work translates directly into tangible results, where you have the freedom to shape your own income and your own destiny.

As a property practitioner, and with the support of our brand, you’ll create your own success story. With every deal closed, you’ll forge new connections and expand your network.

Kayla Helfer, Head of People at Jawitz Properties, shares insights into the fulfilling journey of becoming a property practitioner.

First things first: what attributes and skills do you need to have?

“If you’re driven, have a thirst for success and enjoy the challenges of a competitive landscape, then real estate will suit your ambitions,” remarks Helfer.  “Passion and determination are the key ingredients for a successful career in real estate.”

While being naturally sociable can give you the edge, Helfer emphasises that extroversion isn’t a prerequisite for forging strong bonds in real estate.

“What truly matters is communication, time management, and problem-solving.” She highlights that “these skills form the foundation of successful relationships with clients and colleagues alike.”

Being open to learning and having the stamina to work towards long term goals are other must-have attributes for would-be property practitioners. If you’re flexible, dedicated, resilient and success-orientated, this is definitely a career path you should consider.

Different approaches to getting into a real estate career

With an abundance of outdated information currently found online, Helfer provides a comprehensive outline of how to become a property practitioner in 2024. She explains that there are multiple ways to enter the real estate industry, depending on your level of experience and your career goals.

To become qualified and start your property sales career, you would need to become a Candidate Property Practitioner, working as an intern. “There are two entry points for intern property practitioners,” she clarifies.

“Firstly, you could be assigned to work with an experienced full-status property consultant. This is a good fit for graduates or candidates with minimal work, property or sales experience.”

The other entry point is designed for people who have previous sales experience and are looking for a dynamic new career path. You could be assigned your own sales territory under the mentorship of a principal or manager to assist you during your internship.

The step-by-step process to follow as a Candidate Property Practitioner

  • Register with the Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority (PPRA) as a candidate property practitioner.
  • Register with an accredited training provider. At Jawitz Properties, we will assist you with this process.
  • Begin your 12-month internship and complete a logbook detailing your experiences and learning.
  • Complete a Further Education and Training Certificate (FETC) in Real Estate at NQF Level 4. If you have a degree, you can apply for exemption from this requirement.
  • Once you’ve completed your internship and the necessary training, you will be eligible to write the professional designation exam. Once you successfully pass this exam, you will be a full-status property practitioner.
  • After obtaining your professional designation, you’ll need to commit to ongoing corporate professional development (CPD) each year. It’s important to stay up to date on industry trends, regulations and best practices.

Alternatively, for those with great admin skills who aren’t quite ready to take the plunge into sales but are looking to learn about the real estate industry, you can become an assistant to a qualified property practitioner.

“As a full-time assistant to a property practitioner, you would earn a basic salary and a percentage of commission. At the same time, you’d gain valuable exposure and experience to all aspects of being a property practitioner, allowing you to make informed decisions about your future career.”

Advice for someone wanting to start a career as a property practitioner

“The first thing you’ll need from yourself is a firm commitment,” says Helfer. “The beauty of this career path is that there are no limits. The rewards will come to you, but it does take courage and dedication.”

“You typically need six months of self-investment and financial backing. The journey can be challenging (especially at the beginning), but it’s worth it. The Jawitz Properties team will provide you with what you need to get you to where you could be. We give you the tools and try to ease your path and ensure your success as much as possible.”

It is important to remember that choice, not chance, will determine your future. In real estate, you don’t get paid what someone thinks you’re worth – you get paid what you are worth. It’s up to you.

By embracing the real opportunities and challenges that come your way, you can forge a fulfilling and prosperous path in this dynamic industry.

Jawitz Properties is a real estate agent in South Africa.

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