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Searching for an Ambitious Engineering Project to Implement Talent? Engre is the Solution!

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In case they have no idea where to find projects to implement experience, skills, and qualifications for a decent salary as an engineering contractor?

All those things can become a reality when the employer is both credible and innovative.

In this respect, Engre.co, being a global B2B engineering marketplace, demonstrates obvious advantages over its rivals. Let’s reveal all of them!

Hundreds of talented engineering contractors already collaborate with Engre as a robust platform to find catchy design projects aimed at enriching the world with super innovations.

This B2B engineering marketplace includes up to 60 specific spheres in the engineering industry. Possessing hundreds of challenging projects posted as well as thousands of partners around the world, Engre ensures a superb partnership experience for both companies/startups and engineering contractors.

How Engre Works

The background of Engre’s operation is its online marketplace platform. This is an automated, pretty much custom-designed environment that supervises the engineer-contract job services as well as other aspects that assist engineering specialists and the companies/startups that collaborate with them.

Every outcome is monitored on the platform. Engre delivers tools to succeed at every phase, from job supervision to job evaluation, to fixing troubles, payments, and even reporting. Everything is integrated into Engre’s platform.

Engineering contractors that want to get contract engineering jobs, should visit the official Engre’s website to submit data about their experience to the system’s database, involving their tech skills, product/vendor certificates, day/time, and geographical availability, and other things.

Then Engre’s team performs the vetting of the engineering specialists, such as checking certificates and conducting background checks via various legal services. So, they see that Engre has a serious approach to engineering specialists that will offer their services to businesses.

In the meantime, big companies, small businesses, and startups that require engineering talent for contract activities submit performance reviews. The last is an extensive, step-by-step profile of the work to be implemented with time and location, and a suggested payment option (hourly or fixed).

Depending on the job profile, the Engre platform’s algorithms monitor the database to finally generate a shortlist of the ideal candidates that will be then represented to the client.

Implementing specific machine learning and artificial intelligence components, algorithms of Engre’s platform regularly undergo optimizations. The rules are modified daily to deliver better service to clients. The system keeps learning to understand better!

However, the B2B engineering marketplace conducts much more than just correlates potential engineering candidates to projects. Based on performance reviews, the specialist’s progress is monitored through Engre’s official website, involving the time an engineer comes to the job site, finalizes every stage of the solution, and represents the entire job.

Moreover, an engineer also implements its account on the marketplace to send imagery of an installed solution, get a client signature, and submit other doc evidence that their job was finished to the client’s satisfaction.

The Engre platform processes all the payments for the job. A business or startup pays the entire cost of the work to Engre. The last preserves it in escrow until the work is finished. The engineer is paid after the job is done via any option of the list of services involving Payoneer, PayPal, or other location-specific payment services to which the Engre platform is connected via APIs. Engre gets a certain percent of the work payment (as its fee) to the engineering specialist.

What is the action plan of the Engre B2B engineering marketplace in entrusting contract engineering works?

The process begins when businesses and startups publish job descriptions that could be in any country around the globe. The marketplace’s algorithms offer them the engineering talent perfectly qualified for this very solution. Then, the support team of Engre sends notifications to the engineering professionals that already have personal accounts on the official website of the marketplace.

Engineers look through the job opportunity to decide whether it fits them to apply for it. Businesses and startups see the list of engineers that have applied for their offer, with the ideal engineers at the top. Finally, they decide who the greatest fit in the pool is and sign a services contract.

Does the B2B engineering marketplace move beyond simply the job-engineer collaboration features?

The B2B engineering platform is considered a whole package of outsourcing engineering services. Engre is not about simply publishing a project and assigning it to engineering talent.

Many steps require to be completed between posting the job and receiving the project finalized. Engre supports both businesses/startups and engineering specialists in monitoring those steps. For instance, in case an engineer is introducing certain optimizations in a client’s network, the client has figured out all the job phases, and in case there are 5 phases within the solution, all of them are depicted in the system. All outcomes are detected on the platform. So, there are no conditions to worry that something may go wrong in terms of a solution during such business-Engre- engineer collaborations.

Apart from the hiring opportunities of the marketplace, are there other benefits for both businesses and engineers in applying the Engre platform?

There is a wide range of advantages for both sides when it comes to partnering with Engre. The key plus is that the platform is vetting specialists. They take responsibility for the project being designed by the engineer, ensuring they perform it. As for engineering contractors, Engre guarantees the contracting business or startup truly possesses the budget and it secures money so that once the work is finalized engineers get paid.

Engre is looking after both parties’ interests. Its target consists in ensuring that companies and engineers get full support on this platform. Business/startup receives the work relevantly executed and the specialist is performing the job adequately and getting the assistance they need. Everything is done in one place, i.e. the official website of Engre with the goal to optimize the quality of the services as well as to make them demanded.

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