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Zanzibar Domino Commercial Tower could be africa’s second tallest skyscraper

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A spiraling skyscraper on a manmade island off the west coast of tanzania‘s Zanzibar archipelago could be Africa’s second tallest skyscraper the massive 370,000 sqm mixed-use development will reportedly become the second tallest building in Africa and the biggest hotel in east and central Africa.

The project takes design inspiration from the shape of stacked dominos and is composed of 360 ‘keys’ that rise toward an observation platform at the top.

“As a legacy project, its story is as unique for the developer than it is for us,”  says founder and design director of xcassia, jean-paul cassia.

“first sketched in paris in 2009 after my late father, two sons and I played a round of dominos, I dreamed of building this project for over a decade. Between its innate mathematical order and geometries found in nature, its pure lines and proportions that evoke growth, progress and freedom, it had all the bearings of an icon anyone could remember and draw on a paper napkin. All it lacked was the right visionary investor and site to make it come true.”

Envisioned as an emblematic tourist destination, the development will be realized on a 20-hectare, 4km-long site. the extensive masterplan comprises leisure, entertainment, retail, and residential programs with notable features including an island resort complete with golf course, and a wedding chapel on a private islet. The tower itself will house 560 residential units as well as a 5 and 6 star hotel and spa facilities.

“Positioned as one of Africa’s first truly iconic global destinations for tourism, entertainment, culture and conferencing, the Zanzibar domino will offer visitors, residents and businesses a multi-faceted program designed to create year-round distinctive experiences, professional pathways and investment opportunities,’  says Youssef S. Amour, executive chairman of AICL group.

“We are thrilled to be working with Jean-Paul cassia and his exceptional partners and team for the development of this groundbreaking project.”

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