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Top 3 flooring trends that are here to stay

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Interior stylists and enthusiasts very well know that they can change the entire outlook of a room by simply changing its flooring.

Floors have a minimalistic yet impactful effect on the interior and exterior of absolutely any space.

Whether you want your room to look more sophisticated, or whether you want to liven up the interior of a space, you can achieve both by simply altering the flooring of any space.

You can make the floors in your living or work spaces a calm and sophisticated backdrop, or a loud and bright matter of conversation.

While one can recognize the importance of well-thought flooring, it is also important that people know how to design flooring for different spaces. Certain flooring can make rooms appear bigger and open, while others can help you tie-in a particular theme.

Listed below are three flooring trends that are here to stay and can be used in all spaces whether they be homes, offices or any other institutions:

1.Rustic inspired flooring

Given the immense popularity of modern themes in flooring over the past decade, it is the need of the hour that individuals consider reintroducing rustic themed flooring. Rustic textures instill a feeling of homeliness, comfort and belongingness in absolutely any living space and make the overall room feel welcoming. In order to create a rustic inspired theme, individuals should consider using wider planks with a handmade finishing. They should also opt for woods that have a dated and aged feel about them. The entire idea here is to make a space seem nostalgic and natural.

2.Cool and relaxed flooring

Cool colors are trending and your flooring shouldn’t be left out. If you are looking for spaces that communicate calmness and allow individuals to unwind after a long day at work, opt for cool and contemporary flooring in neutral colors coupled with walls of the same color family.

Try to eliminate any form of clutter and opt for clean textures such as porcelain. You can easily get your hands on quality porcelain floor tiles at Premier Pavers that would give out the effect of natural stone and wouldn’t require much maintenance either. In addition to looking great, porcelain is also easy to maintain and very long lasting and hence cost effective in the long run.

3.Subtly glam flooring

This is a subtle yet glamorous take on indoor and outdoor flooring attempts to capture style and glam in flooring plans. An all-year round flooring style, subtly glam flooring captures flooring trends from the 1920s and incorporates opulent details and intricate designs in flooring plans.

In order to create a glam effect in your flooring, you should incorporate different metallic shades in floor tiles.

If you do not want to opt for one color, opt for an ombre effect which would allow you more freedom in your room’s furniture and overall color theme. If you want to opt for a color in your flooring instead, opt for colored tiles that have a sheen or a distinct shine in them.

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