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List of top construction companies in Gauteng

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Although it is the smallest province in South Africa, Gautent is no small when it comes to construction. The company is home to many construction companies serving the province and the country at large. We look at at the top 4 construction companies in Gauteng.

Ivecon Projects

Ivecon Projects is one of the construction companies in Gauteng. It is based in Johannesburg. Run by director Sven Iversen. Sven began his career as a civil engineer. He worked on various projects like the Lesotho Highlands water project and the Columbus stainless steel expansion project. Sven founded Ivecon Projects in 1996 undertaking various residential developments.

The company says that it intends to raise, set and maintain the bar for construction standards in Gauteng.

Fikile Construction

Fikile construction is a brainchild of Mandla Ndlovu who passed on in 2007. The company is now headed by her daughter Hlami Ndlovu.

Fikile Construction is one of the largest black-owned, managed and controlled construction companies in the country. Throughout its years of pursuing excellence, the company has successfully earned recognition as a significant player in the South African building and construction industry landscape.

Fikile plays a pivotal role in the provision of social and commercial infrastructure through its unique management capabilities, and is a contributing partner in South Africa’s transforming economy.

Motheo Construction Group

Motheo Construction Group is another construction company in Gauteng which prides itself in being the leading provider of Social Housing in the country. The company has since branched out into general building, civil construction, water saving technologies, electrical works, as well as having established a fully fledged academy.

“One of our key focus areas is the development of young talent. Having diligently worked on this over the years, 35% of the company’s shares are black female owned, as well as a Board seated with four black females,” the company says in its website.

Gothic Construction

Gothic Construction is also one of the leading construction companies in Gauteng established in May 1979 and has developed over 35 years into a dependable medium-sized construction company. The company is a  long standing members of The Gauteng Master Builders Association now known as Master Builders Association North.

Backed by over three decades of construction expertise, Gothic Construction is known for building relationships with all stakeholders.

The Company undertakes Commercial, Retail , Residential and Industrial building contracts as well as alterations in the Gauteng area. The company’s focus is predominantly on execution of building contracts in Johannesburg and surrounding area.

Depending on the timing and nature of contracts, Gothic can undertake single contracts up to R350 million and can deliver revenue of approx. R500 million to R600 million per annum.

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