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Canon hosts Africa Digital Construction 2020 Webinar

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Canon Central & North Africa (CCNA) will host a free two-day Africa Digital Construction 2020 Webinar on 15 and 16 September 2020.

Aimed at the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector of Africa, it will provide insight in the fast-growing Building Information Modelling (BIM) and technologies.

Impact of Digital Transformation
BIM and technologies in construction projects are increasingly being used as the need for remote collaboration, for quick, multiple project deliveries increases. The Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector are also realising the impact Digital Transformation has on their projects and business, in both the short and long term.

The AEC believe it is the “Need of the Hour” to be BIM compliant and utilize the right tools and systems that will lead to timely, budgeted and efficient projects – be it an individual or a conglomerate.

BIM data can be used to illustrate the entire building life-cycle, from cradle to cradle, from inception and design to demolition and materials reuse. Spaces, systems, products and sequences can be shown in relative scale to each other and, in turn, relative to the entire project.

It has established itself to be a powerful process for design and construction teams over the last 20 years. In essence it is a communication tool. The future of BIM involves using the model at all stages to improve collaboration.

Increasing knowledge from the comfort of your home or office
For two hours on 15 and 16th September, delegates will hear from some of the best in the industry. It promises to be an information packed four hours and includes strategic panel discussions, case studies and interactive sessions. Delegates will also gain insight into topical subjects such as “Virtual and Augmented Reality in Digital Construction” and “Open standards as a reliable mean for information exchange in the Building industry to name a few.”

When it comes to Architecture, Engineering and Construction large format printers are vital
The professional work world today is more flexible, digital and connected. Communication between teams throughout a project happens mainly in a digital space. However, all information has to be available everywhere, whether in digital form or on paper. Especially the AEC Industry relies on physical high-quality prints and optimal productivity as a key element of the process.

Prints also have to endure the construction environment with rain, dirt or dust. Canon’s proven technology of the imagePROGRAF TM and TX Series of large format inkjet printers enables AEC professionals to produce high quality CAD, GIS and poster applications on demand, in-house. Fast, accurate and durable prints are critical for the plans and save time and money.

Canon speakers at Africa Digital Construction webinar Ben Gossage, B2B Sales & Marketing Director – Canon Central & North Africa will be the giving top line strategic understandings of Canon’s current strategy and future plans in this focused construction vertical.

As Canon as positioned itself closer to our customers, understanding handing there needs and providing latest solution to adapt the changing digital transformation era.

Doaa El Sabahy – Product Manager – Canon Central & North Africa will provide insights on the Canon large format product & solutions in her presentation.

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