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Penetron crystalline technology applied at Bosjes farm

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Completed in August 2020, the second phase of construction at the Bosjes Farm in Western Cape, South Africa added a wholly underground wine and delicatessen shop to the well-known vineyard.

 Penetron crystalline technology provided a permanent waterproofing solution for the below-grade buildings.

Situated on 2,500 acres, Bosjes is a high-end, family-owned vineyard in the Breede Valley, close to the foothills of the picturesque mountains of Western Cape, South Africa. With a harsh climate of hot summers and rainy winters, the Bosjes Farm is fortunate to have an ample water source.

“The Bosjes Farm initially made the news four years ago after opening a chapel that featured an award-winning design of an undulating bird-like structure in concrete,” explains Adriaan Erasmus, Penetron Project Engineer. “Most recently, the construction of a gourmet restaurant was added and now, the wine and delicatessen shop.”

Waterproofing Top-to-Bottom
During the planning of the second phase of construction, Cegela Consulting Engineers, the project engineers, worked with Penetron South Africa on a waterproofing solution for the high-water table environment at Bosjes to ensure permanent protection for the new buildings.

The shop, for example, is now completely covered with soil – with the roof forming part of the garden area!

“Cegela and Penetron have worked on a number of projects across South Africa where the Penetron System was specified as a complete solution to waterproof concrete,” adds Adriaan Erasmus.

“Thanks to Penetron’s integral technology, the need for any additional waterproofing products or membranes is eliminated and the results for all projects have been, without exception, completely successful.”

The project’s ready-mix supplier, Afrimat, added PENETRON ADMIX to the concrete mix for the below-grade retaining walls, roof slabs and the adjacent stepping weir structure. HydroCape Waterproofing, a Penetron-approved applicator, installed 900 m (2,970 feet) of PENEBAR SW swellable waterstop strips to seal all new construction joints.

Saving Time on Construction
“HydroCape also assisted the project contractor (GVK Siya Zama) with the removal of insufficiently-compacted concrete on some of the retaining walls and recast those areas with PENETRON ADMIX-treated concrete through a number of letter boxes (aka: bird’s mouth framework) temporarily installed over the repair areas,” says Adriaan Erasmus.

“Overall, the Penetron technical team helped save time on the construction schedule thanks to the integral nature of Penetron’s crystalline technology and eliminating the need for post-installation waterproofing solutions.”

Once PENETRON ADMIX is added to the mix it becomes an integral part of the concrete matrix and performs consistently during the service life of the concrete. As a more durable solution, it also eliminates the need for more conventional building methods that would require downstream maintenance.

“The second phase of construction at the Bosjes Farm was completed on time and on budget, leaving the client very pleased with the results,” says Adriaan Erasmus.

The Penetron Group is a leading manufacturer of specialty construction products for concrete waterproofing, concrete repairs and floor preparation systems. The Group operates through a global network, offering support to the design and construction community through its regional offices, representatives and distribution channels.

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