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Bukinda Small Hydropower Project in Uganda commissioned

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Sri Lankan renewable energy firm Vidullanka PLC has commissioned its Bukinda Small Hydropower Project, its second Project in Uganda.

CEO Riyaz Sangani says the plant will help generate clean electricity, ushering in a new era of socio-economic potential and development in remote areas.

Bukinda Small Hydropower Project is a 6.5MW capacity located in Bukinda, Uganda. It is expected to generate and transmit 27.38GWh of environmental friendly electricity annually under a standard power purchasing agreement with Ugandan regulatory authorities.

The Project was undertaken by Timex Bukinda Hydro (U) Ltd a subsidiary of Vidullanka PLC.

Bukinda Small Hydropower Project will utilise the flow of Nkusi River at Rugashari, Kibaale and annually reduces the carbon emission by 17,000 tons.

Vidullanka PLC commissioned its first project Muvumbe Small Hydropower plant in Uganda in 2017.

“We are leased to commission our second hydropower project in Uganda and will continue to develop clean and sustainable electricity in Africa. We are also glad to be part of this new hydropower project that will facilitate access to electricity in remote areas,” said Mr Sangani.

Due to the global travel restrictions, the core engineering team stationed in Uganda carried out the tasks using remote monitoring technologies and other communication media while partnering with the management team in Sri Lanka and its suppliers dispersed worldwide.

Bukinda Small Hydropower Project at a glance

Plant Installed Capacity 6.5MW
Mean Annual Energy Supply 27.38GWh
River Source Nkusi River, Uganda
Effective Catchment Area 2317km2
Gross Head 110.6m
Plant Factor 0.4808
Status Commissioned
Turbine Type 2 Francis Turbines (4000kW+2500kW)


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