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List of registered construction companies in Ethiopia

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Ethiopia’s economy is the fastest growing in East Africa thanks to its booming construction industry.  From 2007/08 to 2017/18 the country registered an average growth of 10% compared a regional average of 5.4%. These are some of the construction companies in Ethiopia that are a major contributor to this growth:

Sur Construction

SUR Construction is one of the leading construction companies in Ethiopia. Since inception in 1992, the company worked on road projects, commercial and social buildings, industrial buildings, sport centers, air ports, hydropower, irrigation and dam projects.

In the last two decades, the company has successfully managed the construction of over 100 different projects consisting of 41 Road projects including the longest river bridge in Ethiopia, 50 multi-purpose building projects, 3 Hydropower projects, 2 Air Ports, 2 Dam projects and 1 Irrigation project.

Rama Construction

Rama Construction is a Private Limited Company operating from Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. Rama, a category – One General Contractor is also one of the most recognizable construction companies in Ethiopia. Since its establishment in 1995 the company has successfully accomplished different construction works for federal government, regional government, and the private sectors of Ethiopia.

Rama Construction is certified in Integrated System of Quality and Environmental Management System (ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015).The company is also certified in OHSAS Occupational Health and Safety (ISO 18001:2007). The certification is awarded in December 2017.

DMC Construction PLC

DMC Construction Plc is one of the leading construction companies in Ethiopia established at the height of booming market for infrastructure construction nationwide.

The visionary and inspiring effort of the founder (owner) and General Manager of DMC Construction Plc, Ato Daniel Mamo, together with the highly experienced and dedicated professional staffs of the company has resulted in the rapid and consistent growth of the company to become one of the leading construction firms in Ethiopia. The company is category ONE general Contractor and involved in road construction and real estate development in Ethiopia.

MIDROC Construction Plc

MIDROC Construction Plc., is a brainchild of Sheikh Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi. The company is part of  a diversified firm MIDROC Ethiopia Investment Group which which was formed in 1996.

MIDROC Construction Plc. has successfully completed a number of major construction works (both in building and road sectors) in the various parts of the country, most of which are massive and complex structures. The impressive and functional edifice of the African Union Conference Center, the high rise Nani complex, the Federal Police Headquarters and the Bole International Airport Cargo Terminal are among the many construction works it has successfully undertaken.

Zamra Construction

Since its humble beginnings in the Ethiopian construction industry as a grade – 6 general contractor sixteen years ago, Zamra Construction PLC has progressively demonstrated a consistent feat of growth in organizational capacity, size, complexity and variety of the construction works that it undertakes. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified since December 2013. We also passed two surveillance audits that took place during the subsequent years (2014, 2015). The surveillance audits are conducted after the initial certification audit to ensure that an organization’s management system still conforms to ISO standards. Zamra Construction is one of the leading registered construction companies in Ethiopia.

Sunshine Construction Plc

Sunshine Construction Plc was founded in 1984, as a sole proprietorship and later in 1993 transformed into a private limited company. It is a registered contractor in Ethiopia.In the early years of its establishment, the company had started to engage itself in minor construction and water proofing works with less than ten employees.

Currently the company has over 3000 employees and the 34 years milestone career of the company enabled it to build a reliable capacity and exhibit practical excellence in the construction sector. Sunshine construction has attained a prestigious role position at the helm of the sector and become a bloodline to the establishment of other businesses and philanthropic entities under Sunshine Investment Group.

Universal Construction

Universal Construction was established in 1978. It is classified among Ethiopia’s reputable construction companies, Universal Construction is a private limited company with over 37 years of experience. The company is headquartered in Addis Ababa and is a registered contractor in Ethiopia.Universal Construction provides services mainly in the areas of building construction, concrete waterproofing, elevator installation and maintenance, machinery rental, and property assessment and valuation.

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