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Top renewable energy companies in Nigeria

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With a population of 195.9 million as of 2018, Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa. It goes without saying that demand for energy in such a population is tremendous.

Renewable energy players have entered the country to help boost electric connectivity while conserving the environment.

This article looks at some of the leading renewable energy companies in Nigeria

Astrum Energy

Astrum Energy is one of the leading renewable energy companies in Nigeria. It is a major  solar energy service provider in the country. The company is one of the pioneer in the development of solar energy throughout Nigeria and beyond.

With over 20 years of experience behind them, Astrum Energy pride itself of delivering bespoke renewable energy projects with impeccable customer service at the core of their business.The company offers a complete range of Solar PV Powered Systems to suit every household and business.

“We provide great quality, high efficiency, and bespoke solar powered systems. We have
formed relationships with a number of market leading manufacturers to achieve this mileage,” the company says on its website.

Astrum Energy offers designs, installation, testing and commissioning services of very high qualityrenewable and sustainable energy efficient technologies, for homes, businesses and rural off-grid energy users.The renewable energy firm works with leading market players and agencies where possible, to provide power alternatives and promote Eco-friendly environment

GreenPower Overseas Ltd

GreenPower Overseas Ltd is an engineering project company with expertise in renewable energy, Power Electronic, HVAC and Electrical services delivering bespoke solutions across various sectors of Nigeria and West Africa Sub-Region, Covering Telecommunication, Hospitality, Transportation, Real Estate, Agriculture,  Oil and Gas, Health Care and Government Infrastructure.

The company works with a dedicated team of management personnel, engineers and professionals, committed to research and development of renewable energy. Customer satisfaction and support is key in what they do.

The company covers all area of engineering services covering Design, Procurement, Installation, Operation, maintenance and consulting.

GreenPower GP partners with notable renewable energy and power generation companies across the globe in developing a practical approach to solving power and energy problems in Nigeria. Their services include: power pv solutions, power system solution, MEP contractor and power protection system.


UNITRONIX GLOBAL also one of the leading renewable energy companies in Nigeria. It is an indigenous Renewable Energy Technology/Alternative Power Solutions Company. The company was created with the zest to improve the lifestyle of its customers by offering a range of products and services distinctive for its superior quality that would meet the needs of all its esteemed customers.

Unitronix Global Co. Limited has partnership with World Class Solar Energy company, with the professional ability of technology and has produced many modern solar components. Their dedication to the philosophy of optimal customer satisfaction in all their products has led to the focus on developing products with the latest technology and the most eco-friendly materials to meet the growing demands of our performance-conscious customers and society.

Ecozar Technologies

Ecozar Technologies is a leading solar energy company in Nigeria, founded over a decade ago the company has since done solar power and inverter installations in homes and corporate premises across Nigeria. The company specializes in designs, installations and maintenance of high-quality solar energy systems, and inverter battery backup solutions. It delivers reliable power solutions that economically sustainable and can be tailored to each client’s unique need and specification.

The company is made up of dedicated renewable energy professionals and engineers who ensure the power needs of our clients, are well met and at the most affordable rate, and also provide 24 hours support of the infrastructure when needed.

Wavetra Energy

Wavetra Energy is a leading renewable energy company in Nigeria. The company  specializes in solar power system installation. Its Wavetra Energy Academy is Nigeria’s number solar training institute. The company has partnered with Federal and State governments, private agencies and companies to provide solar power solutions and training programs for skill acquisition and youth empowerment.

The company is very conscious of the environment in all our activities and it adopts an Environmental Management System in accordance with the International Standard ISO 14001.

Wavetra Energy is the recipient of the Most Efficient Renewable Energy Brand Award in Nigeria, 2018


BBOXX Is a British renewable energy company that design, manufacture, distribute and finance decentralised energy solutions. It operates in a number of African countries including Nigeria and Kenya.

BBOXX provides off-grid communities in the developing world with smart, affordable,
clean energy solutions. As a vertically integrated company we are in part a technology provider, as well as an operational distributed-energy service business.

BBOXX has a relentless dedication to innovation across the business. Their advanced, next-generation hardware and software are designed and manufactured with a quick route to market and receive direct feedback from operations to our engineering and quality control teams.

Solarwox Renewable Energy Ltd

Solarwox Renewable Energy Ltd is a creation of former renewable energy executives of leading global energy and technology companies such as Tesla USA and SolarCity USA.

The company says that it is in Nigeria to showcase excellence and exceptionalism in their dealings with the people and government through their deep knowledge of the solar renewable energy and technology backbone.

Their  desire, they says, is to make our footprint in-grafted with professionalism and service excellence in design, build, installation and maintenance of solar projects.

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