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For floors that can take on anything, you need Duracoat Floseal Epoxy Floor coating. Made for medium to heavy duty industrial and decorative flooring, Floseal gives your surfaces excellent wear and tear resistance to keep them looking great for a long time.

Duracoat gives you a variety of floor costing options to choose from namely Duracoat Floseal SL, Duracoat Floseal SF500 and Duracoat Floseal SF100.

Duracoat Floseal SL is a self-Leveling Epoxy floor coating system for protection of concrete floors where a smooth, seamless, dense, impervious finish with good stain resistance is required.

Floseal SL is formulated for ease of maintenance, superior impact resistance and toughness. It can be applied at various thicknesses from 2 mm to 6 mm.

Not only does it provide excellent impact resistance it also provides excellent adhesion, wear and chemical resistance. Floseal SL is mostly recommended for Laboratory floors, hospitals, restrooms, power plants and in food and beverage processing plants.

Duracoat Floseal SF500 is a two component, solvent free epoxy floor coating which can be easily cleaned and has high surface hardness, mechanical and chemical resistances. It provides a medium gloss, seamless surface that is hard wearing and durable.

It has an excellent wear and tear resistance and suitable for medium to heavy duty industrial and decorative flooring. It has great resistance to chemicals, acids and solvents.

The coating can also be applied to provide a non-slip texture and may be top coated if required. It is best suited for car park flooring, Aircraft hangers, shopping centers, warehouses and areas where heavy forklifts and corrosive chemicals are of concern.

Floseal SF100 is a single component floor coating based on new hybrid binder technology that can be easily cleaned, has good scratch resistance, high hardness and high abrasion resistance.

It provides a medium gloss surface that is hard wearing and durable. It has an excellent wear and tear resistance and suitable for medium duty industrial and decorative flooring. Floseal SF100 can also be applied on exterior floors.

It is advised to take the following precautions with all the above:

  • Do not use water or steam in the vicinity of the application. Moisture can seriously affect the working time and other properties.
  • Application equipment must be cleaned immediately after use with scouring pads and Epoxy thinner.
  • Avoid contact with all liquid amine and resin as they may cause skin and/or eye irritation.
  • The use of safety glasses and impervious gloves is required during mixing and application.
  • Use only with adequate ventilation.

It is also advised to Store the product in ambient conditions that are well ventilated and are away from flames. It is also key to avoid eye and skin contact. In case of eye and skin contact one should wash the contact area with clean water.

It is also advisable to not inhale the product and in the event of this happening it is important to move to an area with fresh air.  Lastly it is important to use appropriate personal protective equipment.

The 3 different products all have their own unique substrate conditions, pot life and application procedures. It is important for you to consult with Basco paints or a certified Duracoat paint technician before application in order to achieve the best possible finish for your floors.

When it comes to strong floors that can take on anything, Duracoat Floseal is here to give you the best possible results. In the event of any questions or queries don’t be afraid to ask the experts via our helpline +254 0800 221331.

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