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HPE Africa takes a look at the efficiency of mini excavators

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Experts from HPE Africa explain why mini excavators are well-suited for most small to medium size construction, repair and demolition projects.  

“Although mini excavators generally don’t exceed 10 000 kg and are much smaller than full-sized excavators, these compact machines have excellent power-to-weight ratios, with no compromise on functions and capabilities,” says Alex Ackron, managing director, HPE Africa. “Mini excavators are fuel efficient and are easy to transport from one site to another.

Because of their small size, these useful machines are able to swing within a small radius, which is not possible with bigger excavators.

“These lightweight excavators have a small footprint and cause less damage to work surfaces, like grass and asphalt, making them ideal to work in gardens and parking areas. When fitted with rubber tracks they can even work in warehouses and with their low operating noise levels, they are often used on residential job sites.”

HPE Africa notes that specially designed attachments, like trenchers, augers and forks, add to the versatility of these machines. By selecting the appropriate attachment, agile mini excavators cope efficiently with tasks that would otherwise be performed with great difficulty.

Typical applications include digging holes, creating trenches, demolishing small structures, repairing sewer lines and landscaping. Mini excavators are also used to remove stumps, for digging irrigation ditches and creating garden ponds, as well as general maintenance work.

Advancements in modern mini excavators include high power ratings, fuel-efficient engines, with low emissions and the latest hydraulic technologies for smooth performance and precise control. Robust operator cabs are designed for enhanced comfort and low noise levels, with excellent visibility for improved safety on site.

The HPE Africa team recommends the implementation of a strict maintenance programme to ensure minimal downtime, optimum efficiency and extended service life of every machine.

These procedures include checking and changing the gear oil, greasing pins and bushings, which should be done daily, changing out the hydraulic fluid and regular cleaning out the undercarriage.

Safety is critical when operating construction equipment, which is why operator training is essential. Although mini excavators are small compared to other construction equipment, they can be dangerous if not used correctly.

In conclusion, mini excavators are likely to lower investment and operating costs, ensure quicker completion of tasks, reduce top ground damage and enable easy transport between locations.

HPE Africa offers highly versatile Hyundai R35Z-9, R60-9S and R80-7 mini excavators, which are backed by superior aftermarket support and preferential warranties. These reliable machines are the perfect solution for all small to medium size projects.

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