How a contractor in Zambia can register with National Council for Construction

How a contractor in Zambia can register with National Council for Construction

National Council for Construction(NCC) is tasked with promoting, developing, training and regulating the construction industry in Zambia.

NCC is further charged with the responsibility of registering of contractors, affiliation of professional bodies or organizations whose members are engaged in activities related to the construction industry and to provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing. It is illegal for a contractor to operate in Zambia unless cleared by NCC.

Here is how a contractor can register with National Council of Construction

First Registration

Step1: Conditions
  • At least one of the shareholders for applicants applying for grades 5, 4,3,2,1and A must have undergone formal training in a construction field. Training should be minimum accredited certificate.Further, applicants applying for grades 5,4,3,2,1and A must be a Limited Liability Company
  • A least one of the shareholders must have minimum technical qualification in a construction related course. When assessing for minimum qualification of a Technical Director, the Council may whenever necessary consider individual practical experiences in supervising construction projects, or relevant academic qualification in a construction related field.
  • Applicants applying for Grades 1,2,3,4,5,and A should have done a minimum of two jobs, each of which the Value should not be less than the minimum limit on Tender Value for the Grade and Category in which an applicant wishes to be registered.
  • Copies of all certificates attached must be “Certified True Copies of the original” and where applicable must be translated into Englishlanguage.
  • All foreign contractors are restricted to register in grades 1 and 2 and A,subject to meeting the registration requirements
  • All professionals declared must be registered with relevant professional bodies.
  • Applications can be deposited at designated Registration Committees in the provinces for scrutiny
  • Ensure that your application for EXPRESS registration is approved by NCC before Express registration fees are paid
  • Registered names of companies should reflect construction business


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Step 2:Requirements
  • NCC receipts for all payments
  • Certificate of incorporation/registration
  • Current PACRA computer printout for shareholding for the current year of registration
  • ZRA tax registration or current tax clearance certificate
  • Workers compensation registration
  • NAPSA registration
  • Audited Accounts for G1, G2 & G3 Certified Accounts by ZICA Member for G
  • Proof of a Company Bank Account (Statement or Bank Reference Letter)
  • Proof of works done (Completion certificates and purchase orders/Proof of payments)
  • Proof of Asset Ownership –Fixed/Movable
  • Certificates and CVs for Key Professionals
  • Letter of Power of Attorney or Board Resolution
  • Certificates and CVs for Technical Staff
  • Certificates or References for ArtisanS
  • All Copies to be Certified as True copies of the original
  • Declaration to be signed by the applicant and Commissioner of Oaths

Step 3: Submission

Download a registration form from the NCC website and fill the required areas with all necessary attachments.Print clearly using ink.

NOTE:Incomplete and unbound applications will not be processed. All applicable fees must be paid directly to the National Council for Construction (NCC) through its Bank accounts.

All applicable fees paid to the National Council for Construction are Non-refundable and Nontransferable Electronic Bank transfers will only be receipted after two days from the date the transfer is effected and upon confirmation that the transfer has been cleared.