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Nile bridge construction in Uganda gets financial boost

Uganda has received green light to borrow funds from Japanese and European banks to complete work on Nile bridge. The country's Parliament has approved government borrowing of...

Uganda’s Karuma hydropower plant nears completion

The firm spearheading the construction of Karuma hydropower plant in Uganda says that the project is 70% complete with commissioning slated for December 2018. China's...

Uganda to launch construction of East African crude oil pipeline

Uganda is set to commission the construction of a major oil pipeline in the country dubbed East African crude oil pipeline. It follows a similar...

MMEC Mannesmann GmbH, Uganda ink deals in South Africa

Ugandan companies have signed mega deals with German firms such as MMEC Mannesmann GmbH and Siemens in the areas of energy, industry and transportation. The...

Uganda secures funding for first logistics hub at Gulu Railway station

Uganda has secured funding for the construction of the first logistics hub at Gulu Railway station, giving it impetus to target markets in South...

Top cement manufacturers in East Africa

East Africa’s installed cement capacity is currently estimated at 15.6 million tonnes, with 8.6 million tonnes of that figure produced in Kenya and Tanzania. Investors...

Uganda’s NSSF gets impetus to construct low cost houses

Uganda's NSSF has announced that it will now  embark on the construction of low-cost house in the area within the next five years after...