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Top Construction jobs in the UK

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The construction industry is booming in the UK, which means there are plenty of jobs available. Of course, you don’t want just any job. You want a job that pays a decent salary. Here are the top UK construction jobs that will keep you busy, happy, and well-paid.

Commercial Manager

A commercial manager in construction is responsible for managing the financial aspects of a construction project. They ensure all the construction workers are following the contract specifications and they are tasked with keeping the job within budget. They must provide accurate reports to all stakeholders to ensure financial transparency and do everything they can to minimize financial risks while the project is underway.

The average annual salary for a commercial manager in the UK is £75,000.

Construction Manager

This position is responsible for the actual construction of a project, which means they ensure that the project is completed on time and within health and safety guidelines. They also help the commercial manager with the financial aspects of the project by keeping costs low and productivity high. They are usually in charge of the construction workers and subcontractors.

The average annual salary for a construction manager in the UK is £78,333

Design Manager

A design manager is usually part of the team that designs a construction project from beginning to end. They coordinate the architects, engineers, and builders to create and implement the overall design. Design managers are usually heavily involved in the pre-construction phase of a project and less so as the construction progresses. However, they are always consulted when anything has to be changed or revised during the actual construction.

The average annual salary for a design manager in the UK is £62,000

Project Manager

Project managers play a very similar role as construction managers, but they are subordinate to a project’s construction manager, who oversees the entire project. The project manager will oversee a specific element of the construction and will be responsible for the workers and subcontractors that are directly involved with those elements.

The average annual salary for a project manager in the UK is £66,417

Site Manager

The site manager is responsible for everything that goes on at the construction site, including logistics, hiring subcontractors, ordering supplies, and other factors that are critical to the project’s success. They also help ensure the construction workers and subcontractors follow all safety guidelines.

The average annual salary for a site manager in the UK is £48,611

Technical Coordinator

This person has the responsibility of providing support to the construction project’s engineers and architects. The technical coordinator is often in charge of approving construction plans and issuing the drawings to the builders. 

The average annual salary for a technical coordinator in the UK is £47,000


No matter what your construction expertise is, there’s a job waiting for you in the UK. As you can see, there are plenty of construction jobs that offer a high salary and significant responsibilities. Apply for one today to see where a job in construction can take you.

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