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How To Remedy Issues With Hot Water Systems Melbourne

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Having hot water at home is essential. Whether you take a shower, cook food, or do some household chores, you certainly need hot water to get these things done.

This is where hot water systems in Melbourne or wherever you may be located come into play.These plumbing-related systems are responsible for heating your home’s water supply.

However, there are instances wherein your hot water system won’t function properly. In that case, you need to do something to resolve the problem to avoid making life more difficult. Ideally, hot water system problems don’t have to cause panic if you know how to troubleshoot.  

So, keep reading this article to learn how to remedy issues with hot water systems in your Melbourne home.  

Conduct An Inspection  

The first step toward resolving hot water systems issues is a thorough inspection. During the examination, every component of the hot water system will be thoroughly checked. As such, you’ll be able to figure out the problem and determine the necessary remedy to resolve the issue and keep your system running smoothly.  

On the other hand, to identify the real problem, it’s also essential to get familiar with the common types of hot water systems, including gas and electric water heaters. By knowing how each type of this plumbing-related appliance works, there’s a minimal chance you’ll miss any serious problem that affects your hot water system’s functionality.  

Identify The Specific Issues To Fix Them  

In most cases, you can’t provide the appropriate remedy for your defective hot water system if you don’t know the issue. Some common problems with hot water systems in Melbourne that you should be wary of can include: 

  • No Hot Water Available  

This is one of the common problems you’ll encounter with the hot water system. Not having hot water can be due to unfortunate situations, such as pilot light not working, faulty gas control valve, and spoiled thermocouple.  

Fortunately, dealing with this hot water system problem doesn’t have to be complicated. Some ways can be done to remedy the issue. For example, you can replace the gas control valve, tighten or change the thermocouple, and relight the pilot light.  

However, if the problem persists after some troubleshooting, it can signify a major hot water system problem. In that case, seeking professional assistance from a reliable plumber Essendon or another plumbing service provider would make a lot of sense. They can sift through the problem to know how serious the problem is.  

  • Water Leak  

The hot water system in your Melbourne home has leaking issues if you spot water running down the base and the side of the tank. These water leaks can be due to a defective pressure relief valve or excessive buildup of unwanted sediment that clogs the valve.  

Typically, water leaks arising from these issues can be fixed by replacing the defective valve or a simple cleanout to remove the sediment buildup. However, if the leak comes from somewhere else, it may be time to call a professional to handle the issue.  

  • Bad Odor  

If you notice a terrible odor in your hot water, it can signify that bacteria are getting into the tank. To resolve this issue with your hot water system, you must flush it and clean it with a chemical solution like chlorine bleach or hydrogen peroxide. Leave the solution in the tank for a couple of hours to ensure a more favorable outcome. Once you’re done, rinse the system thoroughly and check if the bad smell has gone away.  

  • Rusty Water  

This is another issue you could be dealing with hot water systems in Melbourne or other nearby cities. Typically, if you see rusty water coming from the tank, it can be due to a defective anode rod or possible corrosion in the tank. To fix this problem, you have to replace the anode rod as soon as possible. Just buy a new one from a plumbing store to get this quick plumbing ‘fix’ done quickly.  

  • Too Hot Water  

Having too hot water can be a sign that there’s a problem with your hot water system. It can be due to a failing thermostatic mixing valve (TMV). It refers to a valve used to mix hot and cold water to ensure a comfortable and safe temperature to prevent scalding.  

So, to remedy this problem, adjust the temperature dial on your hot water system or replace the thermostatic mixing valve. However, if you think you need to seek professional plumbing assistance to handle this issue, then call a licensed plumber to do the job for you.  


Generally speaking, nobody likes the idea of fixing a major home appliance like the hot water system. But when this system starts malfunctioning, you should be prepared to troubleshoot the problem as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you’ll make your life and the entire household more challenging without hot water.  

Therefore, keep the information mentioned above in mind to familiarize yourself with how to remedy issues with the hot water system in your home. 

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