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South Africa’s PPC welcomes state ban on imported cement

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PPC Cement has noted with much appreciation the publication of the designated sector regulations which now make it possible to stipulate the minimum threshold for local production and content for the cement sector.

Before these new regulations, the cement and allied product imports into South Africa had made it difficult for local cement manufacturers to compete on an even footing. The regulations on the local content will save the local construction industry, create jobs and sustain economic growth.

PPC Ltd, on behalf of the entire construction sector, welcomes this ground-breaking move by government, as it now gives a clear direction on how the various cement types must be manufactured using locally produced clinker and locally sourced secondary materials.

PPC affirms that the utilisation of certified and quality compliant South African cement is a vital component of the SIDS programme and its specific projects.

As a locally rooted cement company that is committed to helping to grow the South African economy and supporting the transversal local industries, PPC reiterate its ability, capacity and commitment to continue to work with government and all other sector stakeholders to ensure that the construction industry remains a flagship sector for our economy.

Infrastructure development is a key pillar towards stimulating economic growth and creating jobs and is part of our drive to support economic recovery efforts.

If the industry is going to succeed in stimulating and growing the economy of the country, then it needs an empathetic partner in government who is going to ensure that harmful practices such as suppliers of sub standard quality products and including the practice of dumping are actually removed from the ecosystem of the construction sector.

“The South African cement industry has a capacity of 19 million tons, with current demand at around 13 million tons. This makes it one of the key economic drivers and a large-scale provider of the opportunity for employment.

Therefore these new regulations will ensure that quality levels are maintained and that jobs are protected and sustained,” said Njombo Lekula, Managing Director of PPC Southern Africa.

Early this month, The National Treasury banned the use of imported cement on all government-funded projects from 4 November 2021.

The new rules require all tender invitations to use locally produced cement, made from locally sourced raw materials, according to the Business Day newspaper.

Trade body Cement and Concrete SA has welcomed the move. The decision follows lobbying by the cement industry to impose tariffs on imported cement.

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