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Tips for choosing the right paint and color for your home

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With the help of the right paint, it is possible to give your old home a new look. The value of your home can increase with this as well. There are many brands available selling paint that you may find it challenging to choose a good one.

You also need to select the right paint colors. The following are some tips to help you out:

Which paint to select

 You must know that paint is available in different sheens and either oil or latex. Latex paint is what is most often used and is the preferred type. This is due to it being simple to clean up, and it is long-lasting.

The paint is even more fade-resistant. It breathes in a better way in comparison to oil. Therefore, there will be less blistering occurring in color. You can choose latex paint for walls and household use.

Oil-based paint tends to be suitable for priming authentic wood moldings along with trim. This is because it can seal stains plus knots from wood better compared to latex paint wood.

However, it does take more time to dry than the latex paint. You will require more drying time here. You can choose to employ an oil-based shellac primer upon your trim, then choose a latex one for the topcoat.

Which sheen to choose

 The glossier paint is simpler to clean up. For those who have kids and the room which they are painting tends to have much traffic, such as a playroom, or grease usually occurs on the wall like the kitchen, choose high gloss sheen. It is possible to simply wipe the wall down using a damp sponge here.

But it will lead to blemishes along with imperfections in the wall becoming more apparent. In rooms like the living room, it can result in an unpleasant shine.

When it comes to a high gloss, this is good for trim. It will allow the edge to get a pleasant finished appearance, complementing the flatter sheen that the walls have.

Choose semi-gloss for kitchens and also baths, and also trim. Washability will be easier, and you will get less shine than gloss. The option is even a bit cheaper in comparison to the gloss finish.

Those who have walls with many imperfections can have a look at a flat or even matte paint. The negative point is that this does not stand up pleasantly to cleaning.

What color to select

 It depends on what room you want to paint and for what purpose. If you are planning to sell the house, then opt for a white or off-white shade. The buyer can then choose the color they want to cover the wall. Rooms get brighter along with a clean look with these colors.

When you visit a store to buy paint, like if you want to buy Dulux Paints at Mitre 10, ask the salesperson for the various combinations available. Choose a good paint brand that is popular so that you do not waste money.

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