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How to plaster a wall: Do It Yourself

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Plastering a wall might look difficult but you can indeed Do It Yourself. plastering work can be fun especially if you know what you are doing. Now let’s look at how to plaster a wall all by yourself:

The material you kneed to plaster a wall

  • Cement
  • Plaster Sand
  • Clean Water
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Spade
  • Steel Trowel
  • Plaster Hawk
  • Straight Edge Level
  • Brush/ Spray Bottle
  • Wood Float
  • Builders Bucket
  • Spirit Level

Mixing the plaster

  • Remove any lumps, stones or foreign objects from the sand.
  • Make sure you mix on a clean, hard surface or in a wheelbarrow for smaller
  • Mix 1 part cement and six parts sand together until uniform in colour.
  • Create a hollow in the centre and while adding clean water, mix the plaster until the consistence of a thick paste is achieved.

Plastering process

  • The plaster should be just wet enough to be spread easily with a trowel, similar to
    margarine on toast. Remember that you do not need to pre wet cement bricks before applying plaster.
  • Place some of the mix onto the plaster hawk, and scoop some of it on to the
    steel trowel. Either throw it onto the wall or apply it to the wall using an
    upward motion with some pressure.
  • Plaster small areas at a time but try to do an entire wall without joints.
  • Once the plaster starts to stiffen, pull a straight edge across the plaster with a sawing motion to result in a flat surface with a rough texture.
  • Apply water with a block brush or spray bottle while using a wood float to compact, to produce an even surface.
  • For a smoother surface finish, use a steel trowel held in a flat position to
    generate a fine paste which can be smoothed with a steel trowel held in a slightly raised position.
  • Prevent evaporation of water from the surface by applying a fine spray of
    water as often and as long as possible.

Your plastered wall will be ready to paint in the next few days. And that is how to plaster a wall. It is as simple as DIY.

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