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Top construction associations in Nigeria

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Nigeria is one of the countries in Africa with many construction associations in Nigeria. These association play major role to support industry players and also negotiate with government on their behalf. This article examines the top 7 construction associations in Nigeria:

Nigerian Institute of Building(NIOB)

The Nigerian Institute of Building is the professional body for Builders and those who are about to be engaged in the Building Profession. NIOB is one of the top construction associations in Nigeria that supports the construction industry in the country.

The Institute has its origin in a similar body called the “Builder’s which was formed in 1834 by a number of prominent Builder in London. The Builder’ Society later became the Institute of Building in the United Kingdom which later became The Chartered Institute of Building in 1980 and now The Institute for the Management of Construction.

Nigeria became the firs overseas centre of the Institute of Building in 1967. the Nigerian centre of the institute of Building became autonomous on November 5, 1970 and from then acquired the name “The Nigerian Institute of Building (NIOB)” it is noteworthy that this singular achievement of the Nigeria Centre acted as catalyst for the establishment of other autonomous overseas centres of the Institute of Building (U.K) in Australia, Canada, South Africa, Ghana, and Kenya, to name a few. Some of the roles of the Nigerian Institute of Building are:

  • To provide a forum for meeting and discussing matters of mutual interest to professional Builders in Nigeria and to preserve and further the interest of those within.
  •  To promote and stimulate the improvement of the technical and general knowledge of persons engaged or training to engaged in the Building profession.

Tijani B. Shuaib is the President, Nigerian Institute of Building.

Federation of Construction Industry 

Federation of Construction Industry (FOCI), is an association of Nigerian construction companies with over 56 years of construction experience in Nigeria. Over the years, FOCI has become a reference point for sustained excellence in the construction industry. Interaction with member companies has resulted in the maintenance of sound practices, respect for ethics and stability.

By their nature, members of the Federation are competitors in the same market. They have however realised the urgent need to co-operate in bringing more stability to the construction industry.

There was a pressing requirement for a common basis for conditions of employment and remuneration, terms and conditions of contract, treatment of the day work rates, the setting of minimum standards, and even stabilising the prices of key construction materials.

FOCI’s mandate is to provide the highest support and quality representation to members collectively and individually by carrying out the following functions:

Representation,bargaining, facilitation and standards. Nasiru Dantata is the President of Federation of Construction Industry. The association is considered one of the leading construction associations in Nigeria

Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors

The Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors was founded in 1969 by a group of Nigerians who trained, qualified and practiced in the United Kingdom but who upon returning to Nigeria sensed the urgent need to develop the profession of Quantity Surveying in Nigeria by establishing a parallel body to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors of United Kingdom.

The Profession of Quantity Surveying is practiced in Nigeria along the same pattern as in the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries. In America, they are known as Cost Engineers. Quantity Surveying functions is carried out in other countries under a variety of names. Thus, the role is universal.

Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors says that among its mission is to; train and produce world-class Quantity Surveyors, regulate and continuously enhance quantity surveying ethical standards and technical competence aimed at providing quality services at all times.

Promotion of Quantity Surveying principles of construction economics, costs, procurement and management as sine qua non for effective delivery of all types of capital projects and developments from conception to commissioning and maintenance in all sectors of the economy.

Association of Consulting Architects Nigeria

Association of Consulting Architects Nigeria (ACANigeria ) is the professional body representing Consulting Architects who are in private practice in Nigeria. It is one of the largest construction associations in Nigeria.

ACAN has recorded a number of milestones and landmark events since its founding, some of which include:

  • Engaging erring foreign firms on the issue of inappropriate (or non-) collaboration with local firms on projects executed within Nigeria as required by law.
  • Addressing the proper engagement and remuneration of consulting architects and making the fee schedule relevant and up to date.
  • Promoting a radio program “Ask The Architect”, which educates the general public on architecture and the proper engagement of architects and their roles and duties.
  • Publishing the book – Architecture in Nigeria which showcases the works of member firms.
  • ACAN is poised to continue in its quest in advancing architecture by ensuring that a minimum standard of experience and competence adequate for the practice of architecture is met at all times.

Association Of Nigerian Construction Companies

This Association is an Umbrella body for all Construction Companies in Nigeria. It brings all members into one forum to share construction related ideas, bids and all other Project related matters.

Nigerian Institute of Town Planners

The Nigerian Institute of Town Planners(NITP) is Nigeria’s leading urban and regional planning body. The Institute exists to advance the art and science of planning for the interests of the country.

The Nigerian Institute of Town planners was formed on September 5th 1966 by 30 pioneer Town Planners in Lagos. Luka Achi is the president of the Nigerian Institute of Town Planners that is headquartered in Abuja Nigeria.


The Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria (REDAN) is the principal agency and umbrella body of the organized private sector (public and private) responsible for housing development in Nigeria, having been conferred with official recognition by the Federal Government of Nigeria since November 2002.It is one of a major player in the construction industry in nigeria

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