To advance this effort, the Rockefeller Foundation has partnered with Power for All on its Utilities 2.0 report.

Bringing together Uganda’s largest utility, Umeme, and private sector, off-grid companies for the campaign’s first project in Africa, Utilities 2.0: Integrated Energy for Optimal Impact, was launched by Power for All at African Utility Week in Cape Town, South Africa.

This project will provide a concrete example of the kinds of public-private partnerships needed to fundamentally transform the trajectory of energy access in Africa and worldwide.

There are still 800 million people living in extreme poverty, most of whom lack access to reliable, affordable electricity.

With increasingly integrated economies, energy has become a major requirement for participating fully in economic life – whether it be for irrigation, harvesting, storage or processing in agricultural value chains, or for off-farm service and retail activities.

Never before have we seen the end of poverty so dependent on ending energy poverty. And so, never before has it been more essential to disrupt and accelerate the process of achieving universal electrification.

Source: World Economic Forum

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