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Non-load bearing Acotec partition wall panel

A quick-to-install, moisture-resistant, sound-proof solution for any building

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Acotec is the first quick-to-install non-load bearing precast partition wall panel  that can be used around the world in residential buildings, on public premises – such as hospitals, schools, and service flats – in warehouses and as security fences and noise barriers.

Acotec panels are made from Leca or concrete, ensuring great resistance against moisture and temperature differences while also dampening sounds from elsewhere in the building.

“Acotec panels can be used in practically any application.  Thanks to the innovative manufacturing method, the length and thickness of the wall can be adjusted to the application and the construction requirements. For example, the thicker the wall is, the better its fire resistance properties. Increase in the thickness can result in up to 120 minutes of fire resistance,” says Jani Eilola, Product Director at Elematic.

A thicker wall also helps dampen sounds from other rooms and apartments.

“The less noise you can hear from other apartments, the more comfortable living is. Acotec panels are the perfect solution for this,” Eilola continues.

“Because they are made from stone, they won’t rot, become moldy or deteriorate in other manners like wood and gypsum boards do. Thus,  Acotec panels can be used even in wet rooms. For the same reason it is not susceptible to attacks by vermin and withstands the turns of the seasons,” Eilola explains.

Acotec panels can be installed up to 6 times faster than a partition wall is built

Thanks to its standardized shape and light structure, two workers can install a simple wall in up to 90 m2/d, average being 50 m2/d. Even in comparison to block partitions, Acotec installation is up to three times faster.

“Acotec is a very cost-effective solution. It is always 60 cm wide, and as high as required for each individual application. Installation is easy:  A panel is simply lifted into an upright position, and cemented together to the floor and the ceiling.

The ceiling joints are sealed with urethane,” Eilola explains.  The panels are bound together with high quality Tilefix joint glue. The next work stages are also swiftly completed as the panel surface is smooth. There is thus no need for any thick plastering, a thin putty will be quite enough.

Elematic production line for manufacturing of light, non-load bearing, room-high precast partition wall panels –Acotec panels – is quick and simple to install, run and maintain and requires only very limited land area. The production line comes in three choices – SEMI, PRO and EDGE – which differ by the degree of automation and capacity.

Elematic’s production lines for Acotec panels cover the entire production process from concrete batching all the way to storage yard management and beyond.

The SEMI line, with a production capacity of 80 m2 per hour, is the simplest of three and is an excellent choice for anyone starting up in the business.

It features automation only for the key processes. The PRO line offers a higher capacity of 100 m2 per hour with automated functions for all main processes: sawing, trimming, stacking, restacking, cleaning & oiling, plate handling and pallet circulation.

The fully-automatic Acotec EDGE offers a top-rate capacity of 120 m2 per hour and needs only two operators to run.

All lines have a short installation and start up time, and they can also be installed in existing production facilities.  Low energy consumption of the line keeps the production costs on a low level, and the raw material can be recycled to minimize waste creation.

For more information,  please go to www.elematic.com/en/acotec




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