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Consortium invites bids for major housing project in East Africa

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An Australian funding consortium is looking  for contractors with a proven track-record to bid on a $435 million housing project in East Africa.

Crossway Capital says the project will involve the construction of a 20,000-bed student accommodation project in East Africa.

In a statement, the funding consortium said that while contractors around the world were invited to express their interest for the students housing project in East Africa, preference was being given to UK/Europe or USA contractors.

David Rose, UK-based EMEA senior associate for Crossway said that this is because in these countries or regions grant and guarantor support is widely available.

In a statement, Crossway said it is confident a contractor that can demonstrate the required strong balance sheet or contracting track record will help get the project off the ground.

“While the country itself can be regarded as stable, it is not economically strong enough yet to achieve a proper credit agency rating, which naturally affects the financing structure.

They are doing all the right things by way of building up their country for the future and we would like to assist as much as possible,” said David Rose, UK-based EMEA senior associate for Crossway.

“But to meet the standards required by grant and guarantor agencies we need a contractor that can demonstrate an established track record in projects at this level, in Africa if possible.

Crossway can provide the full capital requirement with the necessary guarantees, or the project can be funded with a mix of grant and guarantor participation.

Our Lloyds of London underwriting syndicate can support the project to some extent, but only with a UK-based contractor.”

Rose added that the contractor can be based anywhere in the world although the focus has been on a USA and UK/Europe where

The location of the contractor will largely determine which agencies are approached, he added, with experience of working with these agencies being a deciding advantage for the contractor.

“The project is shovel ready with all permits and permissions in place.  Construction can commence as soon as financing is closed,” said Crossway.


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