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German firm Sunfarming constructs largest agri-solar plant in south Africa

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In a pioneering initiative and co-financed by deg/kfw, the german company SUNfarming has started the construction of the largest agri-solar plant in South Africa.

The plant will not only produce clean energy on an area of 30,000 m² but will also contribute to food production for the rural population in the region from potchefstroom to pretoria.

The innovative concept of the system allows a unique dual use of the area. While the photovoltaic modules convert solar energy into electricity, the same area is used for agriculture, which is protected from extreme weather conditions by the system.

This symbiosis creates numerous benefits for the local population.

Largest agri-solar plant in south Africa

The structural work for the fully equipped training facilities has already been started.

The water-saving irrigation system and the shading nets will be installed shortly after the local winter.

A core element of SUNfarming is the multiple use of land and resources. The agri-solar system not only provides a sustainable source of energy, but also protects the environment and supports local agriculture. Rainwater is used efficiently, which is particularly important in arid regions.

This pioneering project demonstrates how innovative technologies and sustainable practices can bring positive change to rural communities. SUNfarming and its partners are committed to a future where energy production and agriculture go hand in hand to meet the needs of people and the environment.

This Agri-PV training project, co-financed by DEG/KfW, will continue to be operated by the non-profit organization FEED LTD South Africa and FEED e.V. Germany after the end of the project period.

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