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Football and children: A sincere smile on and off the field

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Why do football players take the field with children? This touching moment before the start of the match has long become an integral part of football culture.

But do you know where it all started and this tradition’s deep meaning?

History of origin:

In 1997, UNICEF, a world-renowned charitable organisation, launched the “Say Yes to Children” campaign. Its purpose is to draw attention to the problems faced by children in different parts of the world: poverty, war, exploitation.

For the first time, football players took to the field with children during the 1998 World Cup. This symbolic gesture immediately won the hearts of millions of people around the world.

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The meaning of tradition:

  • Unity: Children from different countries and cultures unite on the field, emphasising equality and acceptance.
  • Hope for the future: As idols for many children, football players show their support and faith in the new generation.
  • Responsibility: Using their popularity, footballers draw society’s attention to critical social issues affecting children.
  • Emotions: The appearance of children on the football field creates an atmosphere of joy and sincerity and reminds us of the values of fair play.

Interesting Facts:

  • Not all children on the field with football players are orphans. These can be young fans, contest winners or members of children’s football teams.
  • Some clubs have children’s teams regularly accompanying football players to the field.
  • The tradition of children going to the field with football players has become integral to football culture.

Football: the power of unity and hope

Football is not just a game where 22 players chase the ball around the field. This natural phenomenon has the audible power to change the world for the better.

  • Unity: Football can unite people. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what your social standing or political beliefs are; on the football field, everyone becomes one. Thousands of people are in the stands, united by one emotion, hope, and joy- this makes football so unique.
  • Hope: Football gives people hope. Football has become a chance for a better life for many children who grow up in poverty or difficult life circumstances. The dream of becoming a football star incentivises them to study, train, and never give up.
  • Example of unity: The tradition of children going out on the field with football players before a match is an excellent example of how sports unite people. These few minutes on the field give children unforgettable emotions, a feeling of unity with their idols, and faith in themselves and their abilities.
  • A world for future generations: Football can make the world a better place for future generations. It teaches children teamwork, respect for the opponent, discipline, and purposefulness, which are critical to a successful life in any field.

Football is not just a game. It is a force that can change the world for the better. It brings people joy, unites them, gives hope and makes the world a better place for future generations.

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