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3 shocking facts about the online betting sites in South Africa

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South Africa is one of those countries that loves to innovate in a lot of areas, including online gambling.

In fact, a lot of people consider this to be the leading country in Africa for iGaming.

Due to being among the big names in the business, many different operators provide their services in the country.

Looking for one can be a long process, but the best reviews of the top-tier online betting sites in South Africa allow people to have a much smoother process while looking for the site that will live up to their expectations. The people who conduct the reviews have

related to the iGaming market, so let’s learn more.

The verification process is a little bit different

All legit gambling websites in different parts of the world will require people who open a new account to verify the information. Besides proving that you are the real account owner, you also need to more than enough experience and ensure users get the best information possible.

Gamblers know that betting is very popular in South Africa and are aware that there are many different gambling platforms. However, most of them do not know about some of the more intriguing facts showcase that you reside in the provided address. In other words, companies will require even more information.

The verification process is also present in South Africa, but what’s special here is that users have to complete a process that is much longer. Depending on the type of website you are using, clients will need to do things such as Skype interviews, live calls, and so on.

Sports betting is huge in the country

Despite the fact that there are loads of different casino sites offering their services in South Africa, it seems like most people are not fans of those things. Instead of playing slots, locals are much more likely to bet on the sport they like. That is the big reason why almost all types of iGaming operators have at least a couple of sports betting alternatives.

There are many different sports that locals wager on, such as football. Horse Racing is also huge in this part of the world, and many big races take place in South Africa.

The same is true for rugby, a sport that has been gaining a lot of new fans in South Africa lately. Nowadays, all big sports betting operators have many alternatives for rugby, some of which are not available on any other betting site operating outside of South Africa.

 A lot of the sports betting operators here come from the UK

Due to all sorts of reasons, you can find many different gambling brands in South Africa. Some of them offer brick-and-mortar, as well as online services, making them a lot more desirable than some of their alternatives. Having said that, it is worth knowing that many sports betting operators here come from the UK.

This can be a good or a bad thing, depending on how you view it. People with more gambling experience will say it is a good thing because most of these websites have a lot of experience. In fact, many of them have been in the industry since the beginning, so once they decided to expand into other regions, they improved their services even more.

Something to keep in mind if you decide to use a UK-based site in South Africa is to check the different payment gateways. In some cases, people will not have access to the most popular deposit solutions in South Africa because the operator uses the same payment alternatives as those in the UK.


South Africa is an intriguing place regarding gambling because the laws are dynamic. Due to the growing number of people wagering in the country, we expect to see changes in the next couple of years. We would not be surprised if the government decided to ban gambling altogether, especially after some of the reports.

Having said that, these sites pay tons of taxes, which is not something that countries want to let go of.

Therefore, there is a chance to see different kinds of regulations that will encourage brands that are not registered in South Africa to move their headquarters there so they can pay more taxes.

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