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Landscape architects call for the recognition of their profession

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Landscape architects from all over the world gathered together to discuss how pivotal their profession is in shaping the future of transformation and long term sustainability.

The two day conference explored new forms of collective problem solving and cooperation while keeping climate change matters, social inequality and biodiversity at the forefront.

“The theme is exciting and thought provoking. It is founded on the need for landscape
architect professionals to reach out beyond their professional and cultural boxes, and learn
from other cultures and disciplines in order to develop holistic solutions to our current
borderless challenges,” said IFLA President Dr. Bruno Marques.

According to statistics, there are more than one million landscape architects in the world
and IFLA represents 78 national members and more than 50,000 landscape architects.
However, despite the huge number, there is still a need to create awareness and recognition of the profession.

“ We need to leave no one behind when it comes to such conversations. Inclusion and social justice are important dimensions in sustainable and equitable development. We need to act local, think global and beyond borders the three sub themes of the Congress,” added
Florence Nyole, President, AAK.

Emina Kovacic, President of Architects Sweden emphasized on the need to focus on the
quality of education for our landscape architects, and stated IFLA Africa’s commitment on strengthening collaboration with universities across the continent.

“Kenya and Sweden have two different geographical zones, but the effects of climate change have no borders. The bilateral form fits well with the theme. The aim is that the form and theme should reflect new methods of collective problem solving and infinite strategies, to find new solutions to critical social issues,” she said.

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