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Zoomlion equipment shines in Africa

Teaming up to Help Build Egypt's "Chatou"

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Recently, in the super-high-rise complex project of Alamein New Town, two Zoomlion tractor pumps customized for the Middle East were delivered, whose aurora green made an impression against the vast yellow desert.

Along the Mediterranean coast, Zoomlion’s various concrete machinery, tower cranes, and truck cranes gathered for construction in full swing, injecting strong power into the construction of this key project of “The Belt and Road”.

It is learned that the super-high-rise complex project of Alamein New Town in Egypt is located on the south bank of the Mediterranean Sea. As one of the important strategic cities in the Egyptian government’s 2030 plan, it will be built into Egypt’s “Chatou” in the future.

The project consists of a multifunctional landmark tower T01, about 300m high, four super-high apartment buildings, each about 200m high, and some municipal works. As the starting point and center of the construction of Alamein New Town, the main tower of T01 Bid Section will become the tallest all-reinforced concrete super-high-rise residential building in Africa and one of the ten tallest residential buildings in the world.

Considering the Zoomlion’s history of cooperation at home and abroad and its localization layout in the Middle East, China State Construction, the constructor, did not hesitated to choose Zoomlion as the main supplier of concrete equipment after winning the bid.

They also signed a complete package of equipment procurement agreements for equipment including pump trucks, mixer trucks, tractor pumps, and mixing stations. The total amount of concrete used in this project is about 400,000 cubic meters, of which about 70% is produced and pumped up by Zoomlion’s concrete equipment.

In addition, Zoomlion tower cranes, truck cranes, and other equipment are also deeply involved in the above-ground main structure construction of the project.

Zoomlion has made localized adaptive adjustments to the participating equipment to fully meet the difficult and massive construction requirements of the project.

Taking the high-pressure concrete pumps as an example, Zoomlion has designed the optimal pipe laying solution according to the local sand, weather, and temperature, the proportion of concrete raw materials, etc. according to the building structure, which adapts to the local hot and dry climate and super-high-rise pumping conditions, and achieved safe, reliable and efficient continuous construction.

The resident service engineers have also provided reliable guarantee for the normal operation of the equipment, and won the praise of the project owner for excellent performance in the construction. Other local projects have also sent people for field visits many times.

Zoomlion is one of the earliest enterprises in China’s construction machinery industry to enter Africa. As early as the end of last century, Zoomlion’s products were already exported to Egypt and other countries.

From the new terminal building of Algeria Capital Airport and the World Cup venues in South Africa to the largest water conservancy project in Africa and the “tallest building of Africa” in Egypt, Zoomlion equipment has been deeply involved in the construction of important infrastructure and livelihood projects in Africa, and many construction assistance projects have become models of China-Africa cooperation.

So far, Zoomlion’s R&D centers, production bases, marketing networks, and service system have been everywhere in the world, with its products and services covering more than 130 countries and regions on seven continents.

This year, which marks the 10th anniversary of the proposal of “The Belt and Road” initiative, Zoomlion is grasping the opportunity of international development, providing better equipment and more efficient technical service support to customers all over the world, and showing the world the charm of “Made in China” products.

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