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CIFA takes its ninety-five years of history to Samoter

How is it possible to relate almost a century of Made in Italy innovation? With technology for the future: electric and sustainable for the environment and for the people.

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CIFA was at Samoter 2023 (area F stands 21-24) while celebrating its 95th anniversary.

With the knowledge of having a remarkable past, CIFA never ceases to build the future, applying the expertise gained in almost a century of history with a focus on technological
innovation that today cannot ignore the concept of sustainability, towards the environment and towards the people.

Hence, it will take the models that best represent this philosophy to Samoter. Davide Cipolla, CEO of CIFA: “From 1928 to the present day, it is impossible to list the countless transformations and evolutions that our products and company have gone through.

In this regard, we have redefined our identity through an analytical path that has led us to create a new meaning for the name CIFA, which has changed from Compagnia Italiana Forme Acciaio and now stands for Curiosity, Ingenuity, Flexibility, Attention, to mark a new era, aimed at responding to the everincreasing demands for sustainability, without forgetting the principles that have helped us thrive in almost a hundred years.”

Energya MK28E
This is the concrete mixer pump from the electric brand Energya, which with the mixer, the spritz and the new K42E pump forms the first and only electric range in the field of concrete machinery. The MK28E’s electrically managed functions relate to rotation of the drum, stabilization, opening/closing of the boom, and pumping.

It combines the well-known engineering and operational features of the mixer pump (which, by the way, was invented by CIFA in 1974) with the advantages of electrification. CIFA has also designed and applied the carbon fibre technology to the structure of the boom, making the MK28E not only an electric machine, but
also a Carbotech.

It is a totally innovative solution that is more fuel efficient, runs more quietly, pollutes far
less and ensures greater freedom of movement. Its innovative technology makes it possible to rotate the drum, operate the boom, set the outriggers and keep the pumping unit active with the diesel engine off, thereby eliminating exhaust gas emissions and keeping noise right down during loading and unloading operations at the construction site.

The reduction of emissions and noise make the entire Energya range very useful in densely populated areas and in all contexts where it is necessary to minimise environmental impact. The Smartronic electronic management system, which is always on hand even in the driving cab, allows you to precisely manage the closed-circuit pumping unit and, above all, to benefit from the LSC function for control of the stabilization system and work with maximum safety.

The system is compatible with both 220 V and 380 V outlets. Charging times vary from 8 hours with a standard system and are reduced by up to one hour if the fast-charge column designed by CIFA is used. In case of public recharging columns, the time varies according
to the available power.

CIFA has been a pioneer in the conception of battery electric machines (B.E.E. Battery Electric Equipment) capable of operating without external energy sources since 2013, and is helping to lay the foundations for a new era in which performance and ease of use go hand in hand with environmental protection.

It is, in fact, a revolution in the world of machinery for the transport and pumping of concrete. As new electric vehicle technologies are developed, the Energya range is being expanded to include models without batteries which are directly powered by the truck on which they are mounted.

Carbotech K47H pump
2022 saw the production of the 500th Carbotech, a unique line of pumps and mixer pumps that features the use of carbon fibre in some boom sections. On display at Samoter is the Carbotech K47H pump, one of CIFA’s best sellers: total weight less than 32 tons with extensive payload available, super compact mounted on 8×4 trucks for excellent manoeuvrability, easy to position on all types of construction site thanks to its smaller

The 47-metre boom consists of five sections, two of which are made of carbon, making the pump lighter than if it were made entirely of steel. With the Smartronic management system, every function is aimed at making work on the construction site safer and easier.
At Astra’s stand, you will be able to see the Steeltech MK32L mixer pump, a model in great demand on the European market.

Marco Polastri, Sales, Aftersales & Marketing Director: “Construction, civil engineering and
maintenance investments are expected to increase by about 2-3% by 2024. The new jobs mainly concern the energy efficiency renovation sector. CIFA’s business objective is to increase its market share in Europe on the strength of a brand that over the years has excelled in quality and customer focus, optimising its versions in a range of key models designed for different application and geographical needs.”

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