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5 Benefits Of Modern Smart Buildings

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Intelligent buildings are best described as structures featuring automated systems that enable the building’s operations to run smoothly.

These buildings often translate to significant energy savings and cost optimization for facility managers.

In fact, smart buildings, thanks to significant advancements in technology can now go beyond maintenance cost reduction and function optimization.

BMS (or building management systems) that are enabled with IoT (or Internet of Things) connectivity can help building managers and owners alike improve the sustainability of their structures. Additionally, having this type of connectivity can help create a more streamlined workplace for all, while allowing the monitoring of real-time problems.

 1.Reduction In Energy Consumption

Smart buildings can detect and enable facility owners to enable energy consumption cutting initiatives. Using a type of software, buildings can identify areas of high energy usage and allow owners to implement the necessary changes for efficiency. This can include things like temperature control and automated HVAC system processes.

Low energy cost benefits are often recognized by the building using advanced optical proximity and infrared sensors as well as HVAC and lighting management systems. Employing the use of technology, according to a recent study, has found that buildings can reduce their energy consumption anywhere from 5 to 35 percent.

  1. Improve The Efficiency Of The Structure

Reducing the energy consumption of a building makes it easy to realize significant cost savings. Furthermore, through the use of IoT sensors, BMS is able to compile real-time data about the occupancy, usage, and utilization of a given space that becomes a quantifiable measurement for process management systems.

It’s crucial that you choose to work with a company that allows you to access service support for your project from beginning to end.

Efficiency of a building is easily recognized and implemented by allowing the building to make the necessary limitations to curb energy usage. Additionally, it’s easy for many to overlook the long-term advantages of running a more efficient building.

For example, this includes looking at the level of occupancy a building has and analyzing the satisfaction rates of the occupants while using the analysis of the data to enhance the quality of life for tenants within the structure.

  1. Optimize How Resources Are Used

Using smart building technologies, it’s also possible to enable efficiency enhancements along with resource optimization. When dealing in commercial real estate, success is driven by direct space optimization and can help property managers turn a nicer profit.

Using IoT devices, it’s also easy to deploy a workforce whenever necessary. This makes it easy and ideal to automate repetitive tasks and supplement security using access control management systems. Taking this additional step helps mitigate building disruption risks through the scheduling of preventative maintenance in the necessary areas.

  1. Create A Flexible Workplace Environment

The past few years have been hard for commercial properties. The smart building market (2019-2022) dropped 17.4 percent as a result of the pandemic. Unfortunately, since that time, there has been a relatively low demand for the implementation of smart building technologies.

On the other hand, smart technologies enable building managers to create a more flexible workplace culture and environment for employees. BMS solutions are able to offer a better proactive outlook on staff management in a post-pandemic world when remote working and hot-desking are seen as the new norm.

  1. Gather Real-Time Statistics

Interconnected BMS is able to provide real-time snapshots of data. In order to effectively and efficiently run smart buildings, having a direct line of access to novel solutions helps enhance efficiency and security within the structure.

Real-time data access is what truly sets IoT driven BMS solutions to appear different from other forms of technology. Accessing the sensors within a building allows managers and owners to make informed decisions about the structure with certainty. Smart building solutions enable your access to real-time data at your fingertips!

Are you looking forward to the benefits of smart building solutions for your own facility? Reach out to one of our Terabee team members today to get started!

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