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Egypt builds largest man-made river in the dessert

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Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation says construction is underway on what could be the world’s largest man-made river in a bid to ensure sustainable water resources.

The project involves digging a man-made river to deliver the water needed to cultivate about 2.2 million feddans (9,240 square kilometers) within the New Delta project in the Western Desert, which president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi says will help enhance the country’s food security.

Called the New Delta project, the $5.25bn structure will stretch across 114km, making it the world’s longest man-made river and the biggest project of its kind in Egypt.

The river will run along the Rod El Farag-El Dabaa axis road, pumping water from the North Coast across the entire Western Desert to the New Delta agricultural zone. It will also have touchpoints at several airports and ports.

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