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Betting on march madness 

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If you have access to the right betting resources, learning how to wager on March Madness is simple. For sports bettors, March Madness is the wildest time of the year.

Similar to the Super Bowl, except that there are 68 Division 1 men’s collegiate basketball teams in the running to make their impact on the NCAA basketball landscape.

March Madness gives you the chance to develop into the betting pro we know you can be with play-in games from the First Four to the Sweet 16, the Elite Eight, and the championship game. With all of the March Madness betting strategies and tips, we offer an online betting guide. After Selection Sunday, you will have everything you need to understand how to wager on March Madness like a pro from the first-round games to the championship game.

Understanding March Madness Odds

It’s crucial to comprehend how to interpret odds while looking into the top March Madness betting strategies. Any March Madness betting site will have college basketball odds offered in a manner similar to this:

Kentucky +195

 North Carolina -233

We utilize American odds, but if you like, you can select decimal (1.20) or fractional (1/5). Fractions are more frequently used by bettors in the United Kingdom, decimals are more typical in Europe and Australia, while the name-brand betting odds are used by bettors in North America.

March Madness Games Betting: Your Options

Let’s look at some of the other top ways to bet on March Madness as well as some of the most well-known NCAA Tournament bets you can place now that we have already talked about the march madness lines and how to understand  the odds at March Madness betting sites. If you know how to bet the NCAA Tournament, you will have plenty of opportunities to make money because there are 68 teams and seven rounds.

Choosing A Team to Cover The Point Spread

The point spread lets you place a wager on how much a team will win or lose by, as opposed to a straight-up betting where you are choosing one team to triumph over the other. To make the betting field more even, the favorite is given a deficit prior to the battle and the underdog is given an advantage. Spread odds would seem as follows:

Marquette +9.5 

Villanova -9.5

The Wildcats would have to win by at least 10 points in order to cover the spread. The Golden Eagles would need to win easily or suffer a loss of nine points or less in order to cover the spread.

Who Will Win It All in Futures?

Futures bets are bets that can be placed several weeks or even months before the event you’re betting on. You would place a wager in this scenario on which school will take home the NCAA national title.

You might get a list of every NCAA Division 1 men’s team along with their odds of winning the national championship at the online sportsbook. Only 10 schools will be examined for the sake of this example.

The Blue Devils (+500) are the betting favorites to advance far in this basketball competition and win it all. On the other side, it appears as though UMass (+5000) has no chance. When setting the college basketball odds, bookmakers consider a team’s performance from the previous season as well as its offseason activities (players graduating, coaching changes). When a school has played poorly in the past, the odds are in their favor.

Game play will cause the odds to change. Take advantage of favorable futures odds if you see them. If you bet on a team as a plus-money underdog (+) before they become a sizable minus-money favorite (-), you could make a sizable profit.

Bundling your bets using parlays

Parlays are several wagers on a single slip. Consider betting on Gonzaga SU, Virginia ATS, and the OVER in the Syracuse vs. Marquette matchup.

Based on the odds, the number of bets on your ticket, and the amount wagered, our parlay calculator will show you how much you’d win.


Now that you are aware of how to wager on March Madness and have received some NCAA Tournament betting advice, sign up at a sportsbook and start wagering on the Big Dance. Those wagers on college basketball won’t win themselves!

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