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Diamniadio technology park in good progress despite global inflation

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Diamniadio digital technology park  in Senegal is now about 80% complete despite the Covid-19 crisis which has caused a delay in some construction works due to global inflation on the materials costs and supply chain disruptions.

But the project now looks set for completion.

On 8 December 2022 African Development Bank approved additional financing of €5.01 million for the project which was initiated in 2016. With this new loan, the Bank is assuming 87% of the €73.62 million total project cost, with the Senegalese government contributing the equivalent of € 9.64 million.

The project is based on a methodology of sustainable building, in which the consumption of energy and water, comfort, materials and labor is based on a detailed study and understanding of the conditions of the location.

According to Idom a Consulting, Engineering and Architecture that has been working on the project,

Within the water management infrastructures, the phytodepuration system of the wastewater of the park buildings stands out.

“This is a facility for the treatment of wastewater by means of the implantation of an artificial wetland with floating macrophytes, recreating the workings of wetlands in nature. An aquatic environment is recreated by rafts with floating plants where wastewater is poured after a pre-treatment process.”

The plants carry out physical and chemical processes that progressively purify the water, allowing it to be reused for irrigation.

This solution replaces a traditional wastewater treatment plant, reducing maintenance costs, as well as substantial energy expenditure. In addition, environmental integration is achieved, guaranteeing the safety of the existing environment.

Senegal hopes that the new Diamniadio technology park will help boost the country’s digital space and also attract investment in the ICT sector.

The 25-hectare future park is being developed in the emerging Diamniadio urban hub, located about 35 km from the capital, Dakar.

The digital park will feature ICT office spaces for the public and private sector, including international companies. The first phase includes the design and construction of 33,000 m2 of offices, incubators, teaching and research centres and a Tier III data centre integrated into the area.

Some 20 companies, including multinationals such as ATOS, Free (formerly Tigo Senegal) and Solution Informatique Durable (SOLID), have expressed interest in locating some of their activities in the future park. However, they need a solid communication infrastructure to operate.

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