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Top 3 South African stadiums with mind blowing architecture

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With the popularity of football as it is today, the investment to develop infrastructure for this sport is even more focused, especially in the construction of stadiums for tournaments that have influence not only in the country but also throughout the continent.

In South Africa, stadiums are built with the main purpose of hosting the best matches, but besides that, these stadiums are also tourist attractions that attract millions of international visitors each year. Coming to South Africa, visitors can not only have a chance to bet, but they also have the opportunity to visit and admire in front of the most famous stadium masterpieces of this country.

With the wealthiest and most powerful in the continent, South Africa makes Africans feel proud with the famous stadiums that the government has built.

Soccer City

Even the name is enough to get tourists and football fans around the world excited. Soccer City is considered the most massive and classy building in South Africa, this place is also the symbol of the most powerful sports in the black continent when it comes to this country.

Many years have passed, and this stadium has never been pushed out of the top 3 most beautiful stadiums in the world. Located in Johannesburg, the heart of South Africa, Soccer City really left a strong impression in the hearts of fans and international visitors when the opening and closing ceremonies of the World Cup took place here. 2010, when South Africa really brought a football atmosphere that overwhelmed more than 94,000 people.

Derived from the idea of ​​traditional ceramics, Soccer City emerges in the middle of a large space with vibrant colors from glazed bricks, this stadium recreates the image of an African pot. This place is the mecca of African football and is the place to witness the world’s strongest teams crowned champions.

Moses Mabhidastadiums with the most classy architecture in South Africa that you should know

Moses Mabhida is also one of the proud architectural works of the people as well as the government of South Africa. In addition to organizing major football events, Moses Mabhida also organizes other sporting events such as cricket, golf, motorsport, rugby, even hosting major international concerts around the world.

This stadium also possesses a very unique architecture with a curved dome running along the field, modern architecture and white colors. Currently this stadium is being upgraded to increase seats for fans, the capacity of this stadium at the present time can be up to more than 60,000 people, with this number, Moses Mabhida deserves to be the stadium that meets international standards to be able to host world-class events.


Mbombela is also one of the famous stadiums built right before the South Africa World Cup, this is also one of the most beautiful stadiums and attracts many international tourists to visit. Mbombela is located in the middle of a large green park and close to the river, so it always brings a fresh and refreshing feeling to visitors.

The architecture of this stadium is similar to other famous stadiums in the world, with a high and wide dome with a capacity of less than 45,000 people. Mbombela is also the place to witness the top matches and where many of the world’s most famous players have played their best and given the audience the most spectacular matches.

South Africa is still showing that they really are investing seriously in sports, especially football, so that this country’s sports can reach the level of both quality and quantity compared to the world.

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