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8 celebrities that are addicted to sports betting

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Renowned celebrities are die-hard bettors that like to spend thousands of dollars on gambling.

It’s not a matter of surprise that these bettors are living their lives to the fullest. Let’s break down this issue and see what celebrities have been engaged in betting.

Want to follow the lead of these celebrities? Have you ever dreamed of winning a jackpot? It’s high time to find a decent bookmaker, undergo a betwinner registration, and place your first bet. You will never find a better gambling experience.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

What hasn’t happened in the life of undefeated American boxer Floyd Mayweather?  A special place in the boxer’s life is occupied by betting on sports, about which he regularly informs his followers on Twitter and Instagram.

Mayweather is not a half-baked bettor, he has been gambling for decades. His track record includes both six-figure and even seven-figure sums.

Michael Jordan

Jordan is widely considered the “Goat” and is remembered not only for his phenomenal play on the basketball court but also for his gambling addiction. The rumors were afloat that this was the reason he left NBA. There is also a theory that Michael Jordan’s father was killed because his son had run up exorbitant gambling debts that he was unable to repay.

We’ll leave the rumors behind and remember Jordan’s bet during the American Celebrity Golf Tournament in 2011, which he made with one of the spectators. How much Jordan won was not a matter of common knowledge.

50 Cent

Mr. Curtis Jackson, better known by his stage name 50 Cent, enjoys betting according to his own senses.

One such voice brought him $500000 when he bet on the New York Giants to beat the San Francisco Giants in the National Football League.

Jaromir Jagr

The legendary Czech hockey player is well known not only to hockey fans and average Czechs but also to bookmakers. Jaromir Jagr’s addiction to gambling became known after the story surfaced that he owed 950,000 U.S. dollars to offshore online bookmakers.

It is worth noting that the Czech was not usually lucky in the betting, and he bet up to 20 thousand dollars on a single soccer game. When he finally won a bet, the bookmaker’s office arranged a feast, because they were afraid that Jagr would stop betting after endless losses.

Pete Rose

One of baseball’s best players was stripped of all credit and excommunicated from any baseball-related activity after it was revealed that he had bet on baseball, including his team’s games, during his time as a player and manager. In August 1989, three years after his career as a player ended, Rose agreed to a lifetime suspension from baseball. In 1991, the Baseball Hall of Fame officially voted to ban players involved in such scandals from the Hall. It wasn’t until 2004 that Rose officially admitted to betting on baseball.

Art Schlichter

Almost the only athlete who has been expelled from the sport because of a pernicious addiction to sports betting is Art Schlichter.

Schlichter, selected in the first round of the NFL draft by the Baltimore Colts, owed bookmakers approximately $700,000 in the first year of his professional career. The bookies turned out to be linked to the mafia and began threatening him, forcing the NFL star to contact the FBI.

Regular visits to gambling houses expectedly ended with the disqualification of the promising player.

Charles Barkley

Among ex-basketball players, Jordan isn’t the only one famous for his betting game. As a smooth-tongued analyst, Charles Barkley has lost more than $10 million on bets.

“I bet a lot, and I lose a lot. When you win, you don’t realize the size of your winnings. I think betting is fun. It’s exciting, it’s intriguing. I’ll keep betting, but I need to realize that I can’t win the whole pot,” Barkley commented.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen lost a little more than just money because of his gambling addiction. He lost his family. The actor’s ex-wife has repeatedly stated that Charlie Sheen’s love of gambling became a real disease. Every week he could lose more than $200000. Even the birth of a child did not stop Sheen, who did not think to stop betting on illegal bookmakers.

It is worth noting that Sheen suffered from mental disorders, drug addiction, alcoholism, and his relationship with porn stars has long been the stuff of legends.


What celebrities are well-known for their mind-blowing bets?

Apparently, there are a lot of renowned celebrities known for their passion for betting. Yet, no one can come close to Floyd Mayweather Jr. “Money Mayweather” is a boxing legend and a long-lasting gambling fan.

Are the celebrities just playing for fun or for the sake of benefits?

Usually, celebrities play for fun, but it doesn’t mean that a materialistic aspect is on the backburner. They love to bet and make a tidy sim of it.

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