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What is the Cost of Living in Canada’s Ottawa?

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The cost of living in Ottawa, Canada is like others across North America – on the rise. Ottawa is the capital city of Canada and has numerous flourishing neighborhoods, making it one of 2022’s most up-and-coming cities to live in!

In this article, we are going to discuss the factors that will have an impact on your cost of living in Canada’s capital.

  • Housing: The cost to rent will vary drastically depending on the exact location of the apartment you hope to move into. For an example, in the Downtown area to rent a one-bedroom apartment, you could be looking at paying anywhere in between $1295 to $1905. Generally speaking, the average monthly cost for a one-bedroom apartment in Ottawa is approximately $1407.
  • Utilities: Gas, power, water, and other essential utilities are all aspects of renting an apartment that should be considered and may be an additional cost to your rent. Although some Ottawa apartment complexes will include certain utilities in their monthly costs, the average cost of all the utilities is around $125.
  • Home Insurance: During the process of finding the right home insurance, you will need to thoroughly research the different levels of coverage and what different companies can offer. Costs of home insurance can be as little as $12 each month, however this depends on the coverage, your location as well as the value of your apartment and items.
  • Public Transportation: If you choose to use public transportation, you will also need to factor that expense into your cost-of-living estimate. Ottawa’s OC Transpo has a variety of passes available that will vary on one’s age, but depending on how often used, monthly costs can be anywhere from $50 to over $100.
  • Parking: In Ottawa, not all parking is free. If you find yourself consistently parking in a space that requires payment for work or any constant activities, it’s recommended to include this into your cost of living as well – which should be no more than $255 monthly.
  • Car Insurance: If you have a car, car insurance is an essential. Compared to the rest of the country, Ontario has some of the highest pricing for car insurance – with a yearly cost estimate being an average of $1528.
  • Entertainment: The more you go out and enjoy the city, the more it will cost you. On average, you can expect to spend in between $200 and $300 each month on entertainment costs, depending on frequency!
  • Groceries: Your grocery and food habits will also have an impact on your monthly cost of living. The cost of most goods has risen along with average rental costs, so it’s important to keep track of this essential spending to then incorporate it into a monthly budget. Depending on how many people you shop for, the monthly cost of groceries can be anywhere in between $200 and $400.
  • Phone and Internet: There are a variety of options available for internet and mobile phone service at different price points (and overall quality). A basic 60Mbps internet connection costs on average about $65 monthly, while a mobile phone plan for one can be obtained for around $45, depending on the amount of data and coverage that you need. Most companies offer a few options for bundled rates, where you may be able to save if you opt to go with one company for all necessities including wireless internet, cellular, and cable.

This summarizes the basics that should be factored into your monthly cost of living. The total average cost in Ottawa is expected to be a minimum of $2000, depending on the inclusions mentioned throughout this article, as well as on your lifestyle.

Although it is on the rise, the cost of life in Ottawa is considered to be more affordable than the larger Canadian cities, like Vancouver and Toronto!

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