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Greatest Football Stadiums in the World

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Football has always been a very popular sport all over the world with several fans spread all through the globe rooting for their favourite club, team, player and so on.

But, with the massive number of tournaments that this sport conducts all over the year, football also needs bigger and better stadiums, packed to the brim with people cheering for their favourites.

This need for stadiums has also introduced some smashing and spectacular feats of architecture in the world, out of which a lot have found their places amongst the best stadiums in the world.

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So, if you do not know which stadiums fall under the category of the greatest football stadiums in the world or where they are located, then here is a special list of the top football stadiums in the world along with their locations just for you:

• Wembley Stadium, United Kingdom: When it comes to football stadiums, you cannot really get better than Wembley. With a capacity to accommodate more than 90,000 people in one go,
Wembley is one of the most spacious as well as iconic stadiums in the world. Historically speaking, the Wembley Stadium was built way back in 1923, but it was later reopened in 2007 after a complete makeover keeping its heritage intact. Popular because of the amazing
atmosphere that it affords all its patrons, the new architectural design has kept the nostalgia intact.

The Twin Towers might no longer be a part of the architecture of the Wembley Stadium, but to make up for that, you now haver the Wembley Arch.

It has been called the ‘Home of Football’ by footballers and fans alike. Go visit if you are in the UK.

 The Allianz Arena, Germany

Relatively new yet significantly unique and technology driven, the Allianz Arena football stadium in Germany was built to get over the rather poor atmosphere

afforded at the Olympiastadion where there was a running track between the pitch and the stands that proved to be a total bummer for fans and football players alike. The Allianz Arena however
brings you closer to the pitch and lets you enjoy the game even more than before.

What is also spectacular about this stadium is the fact that it is also the only stadium in Europe in the present day to be able to change colours from the outside to reflect which two teams are playing a game inside. If you are in Germany, make sure to give this stadium a visit!

 Camp Nou, Spain

One of the largest stadiums in Europe, the Camp Nou has a capacity of well over 98,757 people in the stands in one go, making Camp Nou the football stadium in Europe with the greatest capacity. In fact, during the 1982 World Cup Finals, the Camp Nou football stadium was able to accommodate around 1,20,000 people, setting a record in Europe.

It is also home to the Barcelona football club, one of the most beloved football clubs in the world and is an architectural marvel that follows the Barcelona motto- “more than a club” perfectly; So, now that you know the top three football stadiums in the world, maybe getting tickets to a game
happening in any of them would also be a great idea, right?

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